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Avalon to San Diego 10-17-12 – Back to School & More Head Games October 19, 2012

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2012.

Avalon to San Diego 10-17-12

From the library we headed for a fish and chips place. Then to our dinghy and 1/2 of it was flat, water temp is 67 F and nice and clear. Maybe some one punched a hole in it or it got a hole in it from other dinghies hitting it hard some how. But we couldn’t find a leak when we pulled it out of the water. Then we noticed the valve was a bit loose. So tightened it up and then blew the chamber back up by mouth. Luckily we had used our small two person dinghy as I didn’t get blue in the face much. Rowed back to the boat. Leaving Avalon we headed out at 3:54pm 10-16-12 with 1282 trip miles. As we were heading out south of Santa Catalina we saw over 100 dolphins behind us, we slowed down expecting them to come up to the boat and chase our bow wave, but they didn’t do that. Soon we were sailing at 1286 with about 8 kts of wind. The Carnival Cruise ship came out headed to Ensenada in a similar direction behind us. They disappeared into fog ahead of us. Then we entered the fog off and on. Soon we were motoring at 1299 miles. I spotted a fishing boat called “Robyn J” about 20 miles ahead of us on our AIS ( Automatic Identification System) that is part of our VHF radio that talks to our chart plotter and shows ships in the area that have an AIS transceiver on these ships. In talking to him on the radio he was not in fog. So hopefully we would have better visibility in 20 miles or less. Before we left Avalon I had checked with some people about the fog on boats that had come from the mainland earlier, and they had fog all the way across.

Normally in Seattle area you are lucky to see ships with AIS not much more than 30 to 40 miles. Here we are quite often seeing AIS targets more than 100 miles with 4 to 10 of them on our list. This evening I was seeing an AIS target 298 miles away in Mexico with high accuracy for over 1/2 an hour. I even went to the spot on the chart where it was. I get the feeling he was using more that 5 watts of power or a great VHF skip

For some reason our engine charge light, is showing when the engine turns on, for long lengths of time, then intermittently, back to longer times. I’ve checked the belt, it is fine for tension and not hot or powder getting off from it. We’re getting our alternator to charge batteries fine, the light turns on and off. Batteries show charging 50 to 80 amps with it on and then later with just a few amps the light also turns on as the batteries get fully charged. It was like this the whole way across to San Diego and at times earlier. Fog was heavy most of the way then opened up near San Diego. You could see up to about 10 stars above you but not much to the side most of the night.

As we headed into San Diego we had a nuclear submarine escort us in to near Shelter Island it seemed. They wanted us to go right so we did to get out of their way, but then they had tugs to help them out and slowed down, so we went left to pass them, but then they went left to join up with other subs we finally could see in their docks, so we went back right. Finally they got our of the way and we went on to South Western Yacht Club inside Shelter Island Yacht Basin for a reciprocal moorage. This is close to were all the action is for Ba Ha, Ha Ha. These are boats in a rally that are headed to Cabo, Mexico on October 29th. We have a SSB/HAM Pactor Modem class on October 18th by Jim Corenman and Shea Weston. Two other boats from Seattle area are in this area, Rich Lewis and Chris Harry with their boats. Penn Wallace (Victory) is further in at Chula Vista YC. Finally, we docked with 1360 trip miles from Seattle. N 32 42.842, W 117 13.994. From San Fran to San Diego we did 190 miles sailing for 38% out of 501 sub total, and 449 sailing miles total for 33% from Seattle.

We took showers then walked the Shelter Island area and Point Loma area here from marine store to marine store. Ordered some toilet parts as our Raritan PH II is leaking water a bit near the plunger. Had lunch at a Thai place. Met up with Rich and Chris folks then got back to our boat at dark. Weather was in the 80’s and clear. Today 10-18-12 Thursday is the radio class all day. After the class we had a fish taco for $2, then met up again with boat folks at a Nova Pizza place for the Seahawk/49’s game that didn’t turn out too well for Seattle. Walked back to the boat in the dark again. Weather was cloudy to partly cloudy and in the seventies.

Lots of classes and such coming up due to the Ha Ha. Friday is another SSB class in the evening, Sat is a Swap Meet at Pizza Nova, Vendor Fair with reps to talk to, Potluck and chicken chili, hot dogs etc. 22nd Hbr Master from PV to talk, 23rd chart guy talk, 24th Liability and Health Insurance for cruisers, 25th Outboard Motor talk, 26th Heavy Weather Sailing talk. Hey somewhere in here we’re supposed to get our boat stuff done. We need to decide what to do for moorage longer term. Penn is working a sweet deal at Chula Vista but a long ways from Ha Ha stuff. Rich and Chris are on monthly moorage that ends on the 29th. Hopefully do some pics on Friday. We’re having a battery problem in the Dell computer. I replaced it not long ago from Batteries Plus, but now it is not working again to the point of not able to even open the computer. XP is much easier to open pictures from our camera. The newer computer with Windows 7 has not been easy for us. I tried to do this just now with no success. It may be longer than Friday for pics.

Please share with our friends,

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. Marie & Greg - October 19, 2012

Thanks so much for sharing your adventures. Marie & Greg

2. Carol Levin - October 19, 2012

It’s a small world. Our friend, Gary Schnaith, sent us your post dated 10-17-12 asking Tim, my husband, if he knew s/v Code Blue. So then Tim forwarded the post to me and I thought, yes, I do know a vessel named Code Blue….Steve & Judy. wishing you fair winds and calm seas….living your dream!

Carol Levin (alumni SSYC member/member at large)

captnmike - October 19, 2012

Hi Carol – nice to hear things are going well – yes it is a small world I guess – You sailed on my boat a few times – I gifted this to Steve and Judy a few years ago and now maintain it for them – hope you subscribed

3. mike - October 19, 2012

Great…keep us up to date.. Mike & Kris

4. Jerry Stephenson - October 21, 2012

You guys sound really busy!
Jane and I went to a wedding yesterday in Seattle. My best friend’s daughter. Really nice wedding and reception!
Stay safe and let us know if you need anything.

Jerry & Jane

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