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S/V Code Blue – San Diego 10-17 to 10-23 October 23, 2012

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2012.

San Diego – Google Maps

We landed at South Western YC on the 17th, this was about a mile walk along a shore trail to the stores and such at Pt. Loma. That lasted 2 days. Now we’re in San Diego YC for 3 days. They are holding the J-105 National races so the YC is full and lots of people and cars. Today Sunday 10-21 was the trophy presentation. Dennis Connor of America’s Cup fame, with DC’s Pholly came in 3rd with 45 points. Masquerade of St. Francis YC won decisively with 23 points. This is about their 3rd time that I saw on the trophy listing. One of the features of SDYC, is they have a swimming pool and a hot tub. Our first case for visiting YC’s so far. The hot tub was nice, pool was too cold for me without some sun.

Downwind Marine held a potluck yesterday at their store with a bunch of reps for insurance, book authors, other rallies such as, stuff for PV, El Salvador, and Puddle Jump to South Pacific. West Marine did a talk today on Sail Handling here in Pt. Loma (San Diego) and John was explaining the virtues of a “Top Down” furling system for asymmetricals. It uses a continuous line furler with a triple braid line to the top of the mast from the furler. The line doesn’t twist due to the triple braid and rolls the asymmetrical up. The sail can be used part way furled to reduce the amount in heavier winds, also.

Saturday 10-20 was a Mariner Swap Meet, 7am to 11am. I expected way more than 7 people booths (parking spots). One guy was sort of a professional swap meet guy. I’ve seen him in Seattle at the Fisheries Swap Meet a few times. I bought a Tilley Hat, from him, along with a shirt, jacket, waterproof fireman flashlight and a sun blocker hat. Not many people showed up either, but Penn from sv Victory was there. I guess most people must be working on their boat. Due to the left overs of hurricane Paul, San Diego has been getting lots of clouds, some rain like today and not very warm the last few days.

I flushed out our watermaker with fresh water and cleaned the filters some. We opened some boat packages I had sent to my cousin near here. More projects to do.

10-22-12 Monday, we moved the boat from SDYC to Sun Harbor Marina about 3 miles by water. This is the marina other Seattle boats are at, Scintilla and Fellowship. Very close to where the swap meet was next to Pizza Nova. As we got to the dock, Rich was just starting to pump out his holding tank so I did ours next. Better weather today, no rain, but cloudy somewhat with little blue sky patches.

They had a talk on Marina’s and such in Mexico tonight 10-22, at Downwind Marine. We each had two $2 fish taco’s at Mitch’s on the way there. Wednesday about 5 Seattle boat crews are going to get together at Mitch’s for Happy Hour. Penn’s group from Victory and another Seattle boat Talos IV, Paul and Janet Baker, plus the above boat crews.

Tonight’s 10-23 talk at Downwind Marine was on charting, past, present, and future. Active Captain was explained to some depth along with AIS. I buffed out some sore spots on the port side of the hull. Turned in some zinc to recycle. They actually pay you up to 65 cents a pound for clean zinc. Stopped at the Spectra dealer for some advice. Worked on the anchor locker for a bit.

Chris has come up with 20 boats that are registered from Washington state as follows for Baja Ha Ha. Thought I’d include the list of 20 in case you know them. He has a total of 147 boats listed for the rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas leaving Oct 29th. We’re not in the group for several reasons. One, not really ready with a bunch of projects to do; two, we want to go way slower; three, Judy wants to spend more time in San Diego; and four, we have family to visit with in the area. Finally the weather is supposed to warm back up even into the mid 80’s for the next several days.

3 Elysium Catalina 42 MkII Anacortes, WA Dan Ohlemacher & Patty Nolte

18 Zoë Fantasi 44 Bainbridge Is, WA WA David & Barbara Rogers

83 At Last Sabre 38 Bellingham, WA WA Delayne Brink & Vicki Brighton

14 Flibbertigibbet O’Day 34 Discovery Bay WA Betty & Jim Adams

70 Destiny 85-ft schooner Friday Harbor, WA WA Mike & Dawn Hillard

108 Got D’Fever DeFever 45 PH Kirkland, WA WA Leonard & Lorena Landon

81 Dream Catcher Island Packet 37 Olympia, WA WA George & Barbara Gray

31 Taj Grainger 48 cat Port Townsend, WA WA Peter Brown

9 Talos IV Pacific Seacraft 37 Seattle, WA WA Paul & Janet Baker

34 Gitane Island Packet 38 Seattle, WA WA Kenneth & Nancy Hunting

40 Aventura Morgan 382 Seattle, WA WA Greg Smith

79 Second Sun Young Sun 43 Seattle, WA WA Andy & Kate Bereson

94 Scintilla CT 49 Seattle, WA WA Christopher Harry & Christine Barnes

101 Inspirare Bavaria 47 Seattle, WA WA Annika & Arvid Elias

105 Mariah Gulf 32 PH Seattle, WA WA Ken Painter

118 Patricia Belle 66-ft schooner Seattle, WA WA Patrick Hughes

121 Emerald Lady Cheoy Lee Offshore 47 Seattle, WA WA John & Kelly Wanamaker

128 Golden Eagle Catalina 30 Seattle, WA WA Ethan Johnson

129 Fellowship Valiant 42 Wilmington, DE WA Rich & Lyn Lewis

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. Jerry Stephenson - October 25, 2012

Is Ken Painter a former Marine? I was stationed with a Ken Painter a couple of times.

Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. Keep it up.


2. Cissy - October 25, 2012

Miss you bunches. Looking forward to hearing about your travels. Monterey rocks! Would retire there if I could swing it! Thinking you. Cissy Adams.

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