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Computer Problems, Classes, Ha Ha Party October 28, 2012

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2012.

Well the Dell laptop computer problem continues. We’ve taken it to a computer shop today 10-27, hoping they can come up with something.

Today 10-27 was also a Chili Contest at the marina here. Four entries from about 30 people. Several salads and side dishes. # 4 was the heavily promoted and popular vote by the people. There were four official judges. I thought # 3 was the best with good chili flavor and chunks of beef with a bit a spice. The judges picked number 1 with quite a bit of green chillies with good flavor and some melted cheese on top and in small bowl. Some complained they weren’t able to get a taste.

We picked up some cherry amaretto ice cream with a grocery run and turned down the freezer from 20 to 17 degs F. This made all the difference for keeping the ice cream cold enough were it wasn’t mushy. I just hope the fridge doesn’t freeze.

West Marine had a class on the Pacific Puddle Jump, 10-27. These are the boats that in the spring, leave from Mexico, Panama, Galapagos and such to head across the Pacific usually to the Marquesas and Tuamotu’s, then thru the South Pacific and French Polynesia by several routes. The place was packed to the gills, over 75 people I’d say. Talked with Stacey and Brett Hoopes, she used to be the Marketing Mgr at Fisheries Supply for many years. They have their boat sv Bella Vita, Hylas 45.5 in the area. Later we headed to dinner with Rich and Lyn of Fellowship and a couple from Cordova, Alaska, Barry and Gayle Beckett, sv Scotch Mist. I looked at the Pacific Puddle Jump section of Latitude 38 and this last season 228 boats were tracked.

LaDonna the editor of Latitude 38 says there should be an article on us, in the November issue from an interview in Alameda YC.

Sunday 10-28 is the party day for all the Ha Ha folks at West Marine. We’ll go up there later today. Starts at 1pm in the parking lot until about 4pm. A lot of costumes, with prizes for many. Rich and Lyn won 1st place $50 WM gift certificate, for “Other Costumes” with their colored low tech duct tape outfits. Tomorrow they have a parade of boats as 149 of them leave San Diego. Temps for last several days have been in the 80’s, clear blue skies

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. mike schuster - October 30, 2012

Cherry Amaretto ice cream sounds like about the best flavor there is! Is it as good as it sounds? What’s the brand?

“Puddle Jump” — that’s about as tongue in cheek as you can get.

Think about getting a good computer with a larger, quality screen. You can watch movies.

Sounds like you two are having a great time.

Hi Judy! (Keep this guy under control)

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