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A few notes from San Diego on the Radio & Boat Repairs November 7, 2012

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2012.

Editors Note: This is part of an email from Steve about how to email him on the SSB, so the Post starts after some of the radio stuff (like the email address that we don’t want spammers to ever see) – so sorry for a bit of a shuffle step at the start.  But I thought you might be interested in how the boat stuff was going.

Yeah, these are slow and no picture type of email systems. We did do a colored grib file weather chart for Baja area on them today. These grib files we didn’t weren’t too big.

It mostly depends on how well the connection is, as to which one you would use and we are pretty new to both. We’ve taken classes but need to use it or we’ll loose it.

Our M802 was working great, but then didn’t once we got into San Diego. The antenna wire to the transceiver was loose just a bit. Shea Weston helped us out and gave us some other tips. It only took him a couple of minutes to find the problem. We did a couple of tests with Pactor Modem. After Shea left we got in contact with Gordo West and he said we were coming in way loud and clear and he put his phone up to the speaker on his radio as I was speaking on my radio. So I could hear in a delayed form my call to Gordo.

Doing lots of projects. Lost a tool overboard yesterday and a special pin for our auxiliary auto pilot to the windvane, so did a scuba dive for about 1/2 hour to find these in a silty bottom, just before dark. Found the pin right away, the tool took a while longer. Then I took out the feathering propeller ( from Australia ) zert grease fitting bolt so I can get the proper sized zert fitting, a special mm fitting one. It’s lost on the boat somewhere. We rented a storage locker here at the marina on a monthly pro-rated basis, so it will be easier to arrange the boat and inventory our boxes etc. If we only use 7 days we only pay 7/30’s of a month. It also helps to be able to sit down for meals. Getting my scuba gear out for the dive, kind of tore up the boat big time too. Judy came back to the boat while doing laundry, we both had a good laugh.

The engine is torn apart with alternator, starter motor, mixing elbow and solenoid sent in for preventative maintenance. V-belt needs replacing finally after 2500 hours. I can see a crack/slice in the belt at one point. Our laz is empty in order to do some wiring projects going on, so boat gear is/was all over the boat.

The original stern light was really a steaming light fixture and so much light was reflected off the windvane, BBQ. dinghy motor it made it tough to see forward at night. Our new stern light is a real stern light fixture and is at the end of an antenna mount tube up by the solar arch. It is a two mile visibility light, LED also and small in comparison to the old light.

Well I’m heading for bed. I’ll take some of this message and do an update message to the blog, hopefully on Wednesday. We have the old computer back but haven’t had time to do anything with it, picture wise with all the boat projects going on. Two tech guys are expected in tomorrow for a bit.

Fair winds,
s/v Code Blue



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