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sv Code Blue – Getting Ready December 8, 2012

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2012.

Code Blue followers, 12-7-12

We’ve been working on the boat again, like nothing else to do in semi-paradise. West Marine is having an appreciation sale for their Port Supply customers. An extra 5, 10 and even 15 percent off their already special pricing. Roy who helped us out for several weeks called to let us know and knock ourselves out on special needs. Judy got new boots (the ones I got her before we married five and ½ years ago finally wore out with a leak in a seam), an offshore inflatable life jacket with harness (up to this point she’s been using her inflatable from South Pacific days of 30 years ago), Code Blue got a new ACR Rapid Ditch Bag and a really cool Rescue Laser Light.

Take a look at www.greatlandlaser.com

1) Nighttime signaling device visible for 20 miles away with optimal conditions.
2) Waterproof to 80 feet.
3) Runs 40 hours on an easily replaceable 3 volt lithium CR123A battery.
4) Long life laser diode, about 10,000 hours supposedly.

We saw these demo’d at a cruising symposium in Port Townsend last March from 5 miles away. I was more impressed with the green light rather than the red one we were thinking about. Then I found out more info. The green light is much more visible 30 miles, instead of 20 but at great cost of life to the battery, 5 hours instead of 40 with the red model and quite a bit more expensive, almost double. We decided on the red finally, plus WM doesn’t carry the green light. That made the decision even easier. Stop by WM or Fisheries Supply I suspect too, or direct from Greatland Laser. They are having a sale too. Free shipping and 25% off but you have to know the special discount code, so talk to them 907-245-4599 and they will tell you. They also have a toll free number 866-889-3425.

Saturday the 8th we’re making a Costco run, but the main reason we’re headed in that direction is Judy wants to get an LED light for the sewing machine. She’s tired of sewing in poor light and there’s a special sewing store about 8 miles further. She’s even invited Gayle along, so Barry her husband is coming too. Normally, lately, we’ve been getting the famous Costco Hot Dog and then chocolate dipped Ice cream bar covered with nuts when we make a Costco run. But tomorrow is the Sun Harbor Christmas Dinner so definitely the hot dog is out. We may split an ice cream.

For those of you that aren’t on boats, ice cream is hard to come by with most boat refrigeration. So ice cream is not normally available on a boat. We’ve been having some success on Code Blue with the extra freezer and fridge insulation but having a freeze temp down to zero or so is an energy hog and at 16 to 17 F ice cream just isn’t the same. Better than no ice cream, but could be colder.

We’re working on a new fuel system manifold area in the laz. I want to be prepared for watery fuel etc. Code Blue had the old system that wasn’t too good compared to the newer Caliber’s setup. David the guy working on it has taken off for 4 days to Death Valley for some special thing he has been planning for several months, so won’t work on it again until Wed. 12th. But mostly done. Hopefully we’ll leave shortly after that for Mexico to Cabo and La Paz.

Hey, last night I was talking to a friend of ours in Mill Creek on the HAM radio from San Diego on 14.303.0. Not great reception but it was working and I could understand him.

It’s morning now. So we’re taking off for the supply run. Have a good day.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. mike schuster - December 8, 2012

Steve, sometime write up what you know about the winds and currents you’ll be dealing with on the big ocean. Will the winds & currents mostly be with you or against you?

steveandjudy - December 8, 2012

Down the coast on the big ocean, winds were with us but we only sailed about 30% I think it was. I entered numbers in the report. As at times they got very light or flat calm. Since we’ve been sitting in San Diego, winds come up out on the bay pretty regularly down the coast but not much over 15 kts. Current was with us due to the Japanese Current from Alaska going down the coast. When we get back out on the water outside, I’m sure wind etc will be talked about.

Steve D.

On Sat, Dec 8, 2012 at 12:04 PM, S/V Code Blue

2. Marie & Greg - December 8, 2012

Judy & Steve: Love reading your adventures. Thanks for sharing. Great weather for golfing or anything outdoors, here in Sun CIty for past two months, but about to get cold tomorrow. We’re headed to Telluride in January with the Ski Club. Greg still racing go-karts several times a week. He has never changed, or grown up! He is thinking of changing his race name to “Geezer” as most of the other racers could be his great-grandkids! Stay safe. Marie & Greg

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