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s/v Code Blue – Ensenada, Mexico and Headed Further South December 22, 2012

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2012.

Code Blue Followers: 12-22-12

Hopefully we’re on our way to Mazatlan and other places. Took about 11 hours to motor to Ensenada from San Diego. Winds and seas were very light. Unlike s/v Covenant V that was one day ahead of us. They saw 40 plus Santa Anna winds for some of the way and had to motor all the way also as on the nose when they did get winds. We tried to dial in our rate compass by going in circles 4 times as we left, then tried again. In the end we just left about 1:40 am, arrived here about 12:52 pm.

Took about 3 hours to go thru customs even though we were only ones there or 1 person ahead of us in all the lines we had to go thru. Near the end we had to leave and get a copy of our Tourist Visa, at the Tourist Information building a few blocks away, then back to the lady that had a copier right next to her but wouldn’t make a copy for us.

We had dinner with John and Sandy of s/v Covenant V, a Harden 45′ in great shape. We compared notes. We walked around town expecting to see Mariachi bands as we saw three groups of them earlier with instruments but when we came back only a rock back was playing on stage with thru huge speakers on each side, and they were walking around the people with no instruments. We tried to communicate with one group, but they thought we wanted to hire them. They were a group of 6 they said. He showed us some of the restaurants they have played at in the past .

Penn and Dawn (s/v Victory) just knocked on the boat at 11:30am while I was typing this note. Their boat s/v Victory was holed by a rock at Punta Abreojos about a week ago, about 500 miles south of here. Boat filled up with water for some part that the engine would not run and of course lots of water damage. Had a diver plug the hole and pumped it out, then went up to San Diego to get the car, then had the boat towed to here as it is the closest place to haul a boat to have worked on. Having it hauled at Baja Naval (nah VAHL) where we are staying. I’ll try to get pictures soon is it is on the way to the travel lift. Took pics of the boat as hauled out. They hit rocks at 4:30pm on Thursday 13th along the port side of the keel, boat fell over from waves and gouged holes in the side of the hull from the rocks that caused the main problem. Don’t have time to bring up pics but will at some point.

We de-iced the freezer. Now going, took about 15 minutes with a hair dryer.

We touched sand in Morro Bay and have a small 10 inch spot without bottom paint at the bottom front tip of the keel, but the barrier coat is still intact. Quote I got here was $126 round trip, blocking the boat on stands, and $24 per man hour labor, plus paint. We’ll get growth eventually I’m sure, but nothing so far. Just left Penn at 3:pm.

Steve & Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. Marie & Greg - December 22, 2012

Thanks for all the updates. Pleae keep them coming when you can. Have a very Merry Mexican Christmas. Marie & Greg

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