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Our Location on 12-29-12 about 3pm December 29, 2012

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2012.

We’re about 50 miles north of Cabo with 2 or 3 kts of wind from east. Have our asymmetrical up but not doing much. Will motor if no wind in order to make Cabo by morning of 12-30-12.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. MarieC - December 30, 2012

Hi Dauzyroths,
Quite an adventure you are having. Are you used to being adventurous by now? I am guessing you are.

That is so awful about Penn and Dawn. I got his Christmas note today — he sounds very sad – but of course.

We miss you here.
Nothing has changed much really.
Did you hear who the new SSYC officers are for the next year?
Mona is Commodore, Jeff ?? is Vice Commodore, ummmmm, I can’t remember the rest at the moment. Maybe you already know this, not that it’s at the top of your must know list.

Jerry and I are doing ok. We had a fun time taking Sea Wings out with a group for the Elliott Bay Christmas Ships overnight. Big party at the SYC clubhouse afterwards.
Everyone was in good spirits that night.
Or good spirits were in all of us!

Jerry and I and Mike and Kris Sinclair and Bob McClure and wife Carol went out to the Space Needle for Wendy’s 56th birthday on Dec 12. It was really fun and a dry night so we could see the lights of the city and the Sound. Alan planned it so good for him.

Alan has asked me to help teach the Mountaineers sailing class this spring. We have started planning who will teach what. Hal has officially stepped down and told Alan he thought I should be invited to step in. So I am actually looking forward to that. Hmmmmm! We will see if it turns out to be fun or what.

We went out for Dec 23rd Christmas Ships on David Silver’s new 70′ power boat. He smashed (she was on the helm actually) the boat at the end of the summer – were you still here then? Don’t think so. They had $20,000 in repair bills. Then sold the 52 foot and bought this 70′ but are having lots of “issues” with it. He is suing his surveyor because they are problems that should have been noticed. Electrical, and I don’t know what else.
Well Happy New Year Sailors! Keep up the good work!

2. MarieC - December 30, 2012

It is S N O W I N G on your blog! Merry Christmas Sailors!

3. Jerry Stephenson - December 30, 2012

Hi Judy and Steve. Hope you’re having a ball in Cabo by now! Just continue to be safe. I imagine New Year’s Eve to be a real party in Cabo but be careful.

The new knee is working pretty well. A bit painful yet but that’s to be expected. Jane’s broken ankle is healing but the inactivity is driving her nuts! At least three more weeks in a cast; non-weight bearing…
Taking the boar to Gig Harbor on the First for our annual brunch at Anthony’s. we have 20 people signed up so far, all from my crew and/or Tacoma Mountaineers sailing class graduates.

Keep the news coming.

Jerry S.

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