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s/v Code Blue – Left Ensenada, Arrived Turtle Bay, then on to Cab January 1, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.

Left Ensenada, Arrived Turtle Bay, then on to Cabo and now Puerto Los Cabos

12-23-12 We left Ensenada at 10:27am Trip of 1448 NM , filled up with fuel at Hotel Coral Marina at $3.63 per gallon with 158.66 gallons our first fuel since leaving Seattle. Arrived in Turtle Bay at 5:32pm on 12-25-12. We sailed from 1452 to 1739 NM with Turtle Bay landing at 1757. Sailing 139 miles in 24 hrs, then 141 so not too bad for a cruiser with only 32 1/2 feet of water line. Turtle Bay was not our cup of tea. Dusty, litter and not much of a town. We had lunch with Sandy and John of Covenant V at a restaurant on the 26th, then left about 3:05pm. Started sailing at 1759 NM. Mostly sailed until 2152 except for 17 miles. Got into Cabo bay with 2194 NM. We saw a couple of groups of dolphins, 20 about, then 50 of them. So far no whales on this part of the trip. I’ve had my fishing gear out for about 17 hours but nothing so far in Mexico. We’d do better near weed patches and floating items they tell me.

Cabo San Lucas – We got into Cabo bay area about 4:30am local mountain time on 12-30-12, anchored out and went to sleep. Got up about 10am and headed to the marina. They put us on G dock, not far from Bob who runs a local day sail charter on his 523 Beneteau. He helped out for lay of the land and such. Single night moorage was $72.54. We walked around town some, then had dinner with steak, lobster, potatoes, then headed to Senor Sweets for dessert of chocolate lava cake with gelato. Next morning I took the bus to Costco for some items and Judy took care of some boat items. The women from the agriculture department were busy with mega yachts but would meet up with the boat if we were still at the dock. We were untying our lines to leave as they came up. They asked were we checked in at, then let us continue on our way. We shook hands, and I gave one of them a hug as we left. I got a tour of Bob’s boat earlier.

Here we are in Puerto Los Cabos about 17 miles up the coast from Cabo San Lucas. Wind and waves were stopping the boat or 1 to 2 knots progress at most, as we were heading to La Paz on 12-31-12, Monday. We ducked into this marina toward dusk as this is the last one before La Paz and heard it was cheaper than Cabo. We weren’t making much headway with engine, sails or both. We figured have dinner and check out the New Years Eve celebrations wherever. The local hotel El Ganzo was sold out and wouldn’t let us into the bars. The restaurant Alis International Restaurant about 50 feet from the boat, was empty except for the owner and I. We went to the Container Bar and Grill near the marina office. They had all kinds of plans with food specials, wait staff and cooks of 9 people plus a DJ, but we were the only customers all night long. It was an outdoor restaurant and windy of about 10 to 15 kts. We finally left about 10pm after dessert and a beer and called it a night.

1-1-13, winds and waves are still high if going against them. So decided to walk to town, San Jose del Cabo about 2 miles away. Toured the historic area that started in 1730, art stores, church, restaurants and such now. Looks like this was the place to be for celebrations last night with all the left over debris that was carefully cleaned up and setting in garbage cans. We walked the town, had lunch of fish tacos, tortilla soup and split a beer. Did another walk for several miles with Walmart and Mega store along the way. We viewed large resort hotels along the coast. Also saw several derelict projects that got caught in the economy down turn. Pretty nice sunset with lots of red and alpenglow. Got back to the boat at dark . Winds are supposed to come down somewhat tomorrow. We shall see, so far still roaring at 11:30pm.
They do a swim with the dolphins here in the marina but I’ve only seen training sessions going on. We saw their advertisements in town.

I’ll try to send some pictures but low on electricity as this dock doesn’t have any or water. Two dollars a foot for docks with electric and water. At least now we get internet at the boat. Thanks Gary B. for sending a thumbdrive with a bunch of songs.

Happy New Year
Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. Marie & Greg - January 2, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Your adventures are fun to read. Marie & Greg

2. Becky and Jim - January 2, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for the updates. Once into La Paz, will you hang out for a while? Stay safe. Jim and Becky

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