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Trouble Shooting the Water Leak January 15, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.


Code Blue Followers, 1-15-13

We’re back at the boat today after spending a week with some friends from Kirkland down here in Mazatlan. We did a lot of walking around town several days. Ate out at a lot of restaurants. Did the Centro Market, took a tour of the town on a bus tour with several stops. This was with Vista Tours and worth the price we paid which was free. We lucked out and had a good tour guide. One downer was the Ocean City Museum we stopped at on our own. The main floor is items for sale, mostly sea shells of various kinds, quite a few pretty exotic ones. Then the free museum upstairs is pretty disappointing. Nemo (clown fish) is in one tank with some other fish, and algae is quite rampant in the tank along with many other tanks. Most have clouded glass and water with algae to the point you can’t see in very well. Some tanks with no air bubble pump. Several stuffed fish on the walls. In the center of the room is a shallow pool about 1 foot deep, star shaped, with maybe 20 fish in the pool that is over 30 feet across.

Spent some time today trying to trace down the water leak that was coming from aft of the stuffing box. It wasn’t from the strut to hull fitting after all, as I could see the 4 bolts holding the strut in place and no leak it that area, plus the water was fresh water. I gave it a taste and also collected enough to do a parts per million test with my watermaker tester. It seemed to be coming from the stern shower line. Most likely a connection inside the stern a few feet, to the hose that comes out. After checking all this out and playing with it some the water leak has stopped. I suspect this might be temporary. It’s tough to get to this port side of the boat as not much access. We have an access plate in the aft section of the 1/4 berth but that is packed full of gear and more things to work on instead, since it fixed its self.

I neglected to note in the last post, the transmission we had was manufactured by Kanzaki of Osaka, Japan.

At one point in the past the anti-syphon loop for the water to the exhaust manifold plugged up with salt crystals and sprayed salt water onto the support beam, motor mount and a few other things in this starboard motor area. With the transmission out I have better access to clean this up. So I scraped, wire brushed and cleaned with acetone, then painted with a corrosion converter substance from Germany that sets up like primer after it dries. Total Yacht Works gave me some blue engine enamel paint good for 500 F, but I like the look of the black primer material. We’ll see.

Brian and Richard of s/v Osprey, that we met in San Diego on our dock are next us in their Island Packet 350, here at the marina. We saw them for a brief time in La Paz also. Richard has done quite a bit of work on their fridge/freezer also. Added insulation, put in a flow down freezer. It looked like there was ice cream in the freezer even.

Got an email from Penn Wallace of s/v Victory. They are headed to La Paz by land Wed and Thursday, and thought we might still be in the area. Good news is they are working on saving the boat. Sounds like a lot of work. Here’s part of their note.
“The good news is that we will be able to fix the Victory. We’re waiting for the concrete to dry completely so that the patch will adhere to the old concrete. I suspect that we won’t apply the patch until next week. Then it will take two or three weeks to cure. But we will get her back on the water and head south as soon as possible.”

Fair winds,
Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue




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