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s/v Code Blue – Mazatlan January 21, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
Judy with a Big bottle of beer at a restaurant about $2.50 US

Judy with a Big bottle of beer at a restaurant about $2.50 US

Code Blue Followers, 1-20-13

Transmission Gear shipped on Friday 1-18-13 from Seattle. Swap meet on Saturday we got rid of a few fenders that were surplus on the boat. I bought an amp meter, small carpenter square, three books for a $1 each. One is a fully stuffed yellow cook book “The Cruising Cook” by Shirley Herd Deal first printed 1977, this one was from her sixth in Feb 1987. Lots of good tips on other boat stuff too. This swap meet was pretty well attended by workers, boaters and such. Probably about 50 plus people, but only about 12 sellers counting us. Some of the sellers were regular income folks selling cinnamon rolls for 100 pesos, homemade canned goods, breads and such. What was supposed to start after the net as advertised was attended by almost everyone except us by what must have been about 7:30am set up.

Going back to Tuesday the 8th we met up with friends Dennis and Kathy from Seattle and stayed at a time share called Torres Mazatlan about two miles north of here for a week. I took one of our VHF radios with us and would listen in on the Mazatlan Net at 8am every morning. This is a radio get together on VHF 22A for mariners with about 20 to 35 cruisers to help each other out for needs and such, say hello or goodbye to the group, tides, weather and such. A couple of the days the reception wasn’t the best on the 4th floor, so I went up to the 5th floor as the stairs were near our room.

The second time I did this, I forgot that I was on the 5th floor and turned around after the net was over and went down the short hall to our room. Put my key card in the door and tried to open the door. I then noticed the door LED light was showing red, instead of green, so tried several more times to no avail. This was about 8:30am and I knew Judy was up so I knocked on the door, loud enough that I thought she would hear it. No answer so then I rapped on it pretty loudly for about five times. Finally the door opened most of the way. It was a nice looking lady about 50 with brunette hair, wrapped in a hotel beige blanket, held closely about her upper body, for what I imagined with no clothes on underneath the way it was wrapped tightly and not a hint of other clothing showing. Anyway I immediately realized it wasn’t Judy or Kathy and profusely apologized that I was on the wrong floor and backed away from the door. She said “No problem” and closed the door. I didn’t have any problem remembering what floor I was on for the rest of the nets.

Since s/v Code Blue couldn’t move very well, sans tran, Dennis and Kathy took the bus to Puerta Vallarta as the original plan was for us to sail together to PV. They are staying there in a couple of hotels until the 26th.

Judy’s watch stopped so we headed to the Gran Plaza Mall by bus after the swap meet as the net suggested a watch repair place, Seiko, was near the middle of the mall they said. Turned out to be “Casio” plastered for the name. I bought four button batteries for the water tester, then Judy got one for her watch that he put in with a little vise clamp looking tool. We looked around for an ATM that was supposed to start with an “S” to be fee free associated with Bank America but couldn’t find it. We then headed to a Mega store a couple of blocks away for groceries we were low on. After we got our cart we noticed some ATM’s were lined up, one was a Santander. We both thought that might be it. 1500 pesos later things were good. Our first peso transaction via ATM. Progress.

They have Bimbo bread here. It’s about 4” x 4” per slice that comes in white, wheat and wheat with some seeds on top. Most small stores only have this Bimbo bread and usually only in white. Bigger stores might have a bakery with various soft white breads mostly like hamburger buns and the like plus the Bimbo bread. Mega store had some whole wheat breads that we picked out. That they put in a bag, staple and mark your amount due for the checker. Later after we filled up on bakery breads we saw regular loaves of Orowheat brand bread. This is your normal sized deli loaf bread and in several versions. We didn’t have any room this trip but noted this for our next shopping excursion. The bakery breads were pretty good, but weird shapes for sandwiches.

Mazatlan Church Main Cathedral near Centro Market

Mazatlan Church Main Cathedral near Centro Market

This is a picture of the main Mazatlan harbor and the mountain with lighthouse.

This is a picture of the main Mazatlan harbor and the mountain with lighthouse.

Steve and Judy Dauzenroth

s/v Code Blue



1. Marie & Greg - January 21, 2013

Love hearing all your adventures…including pounding on the wrong apartment door!!! Thanks for sharing. Greg & Marie

2. Ken Newell - January 23, 2013

We lost our transmission just outside Mazatlan back in 2009. We ended-up spending nearly 2 months in Old Harbor waiting for parts from the US during the Christmas break when absolutely everything comes to a halt in Mexico. Our parts sat in Guadalajara for over 20 days. As a result, we grew to really love Mazatlan and it’s people…and cheap prices. We are now in Australia and we really look back on Mazatlan as one of our all time favorite places. Enjoy it while you can!


Ken & Lori Newell
S/V Trim

3. Cissy - January 23, 2013

Nice to know you are doing well. You both look great!

Cissy Adams

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