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s/v Code Blue – Mazatlan Update 2-3-13 February 3, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
Al Jolson - Carnaval statue at Plaza Machado

Al Jolson – Carnaval statue at Plaza Machado

Tuesday 1-29-13

I spent the day in Mazatlan going to the Aduana (Customs) for Mazatlan to get a local aspect for bringing my transmission in. They moved from one office area per Goggle to another spot about a mile and ½ away right on the bus route I was on. I rode the bus to the end of the route, then it stops and another bus takes off. The return route goes close to where I wanted to go, I thought. Finally walked there but found out they had moved then, walked close to where they were but realized the map was upside down so walked the other way and found them. Got there at 1:30pm. The guy I needed to talk to was out for lunch until 2:30pm. Sr. Muyua would be back then. I took a walk in the neighborhood. Two tortilla making shops were about 2 blocks from each other. One was very busy. The lady handed me one corn one, hot right off the machine. I bought 8 of them for 3 pesos about 24 cents as I didn’t have anything for lunch. A small park was nearby with some swings, teeter totters and ½ a basketball court. I headed back to the Aduana office about 2:25pm. Sr. Muyua showed up right at 2:30pm. He didn’t speak much English, but with a lady co-work we talked and he gave me a one page form that he said the Marina Mazatlan Harbor Master needed to fill it out, then I sign and send it in with my existing documents I have. I then caught the bus at 3pm and headed back to the Harbor Master office. Four guys were working on the WiFi problem but the harbor Master was not in, and usually he shows up at 10am in the morning they said. I checked the Internet via hard wire, then headed to the boat. Judy had been busy with boat projects.

The boat people from the net were having a potluck BBQ get together at La Isla Palapa, as on Tuesdays they are normally closed. This was their second Tuesday potluck. I took the bike as Judy was not so interested. About 18 people were mostly at two tables. I bought a mug of dark beer for 20 pesos and went over to talk to Chuck by himself at a table. I found out he’s the weather guy on the net that does an outstanding weather report every morning. His s/v Alhambra is nearby on the island. He gave me some notes on where he checks for reports, Weather Underground, Buoyweather.com, EEBmike.com and an SSB weather site he called Geary Sonrisa that is a net manager for offshore boats. He invited me to come to his boat before the net and he would show me all what he checks each morning. The night before Chuck also checks some sites on the web.


I headed back to the boat and Judy and I took a walk on dock 4, the one just north of us. We talked with Steve who had recently purchased s/v Neiha (sp). A 2008 Delphia 40.2 GT with LWL of 38’, for $100,000 US. I noted it had a Hydrovane similar to ours on the stern. After getting a tour, very clean on the inside and much like new. I asked him for the story on the purchase. A couple had bought it in Seattle and took it down to Catalina Island with a Skipper on board, motoring the whole way. They released the skipper, stayed there for a couple of years then motored to La Paz where they put the boat up on the hard. They took off to Central America and put it up for sale at $180K. Eight months later Steve had been following the step declines in price and got it about a year ago. It was pretty dusty on the outside some on the inside and not well commissioned. The sails had never been used. A Webasto heater was also included. Freezer was big with Isotherm units there and the fridge. Corian counter tops were nice too.


The next boat we stopped at was from Redmond, WA. A Gemini 105 with Paddy and Diane. He was from Ireland and she from Belfast. They got the boat in the Seattle area and they did the Ha Ha in 2011. They left the boat here in Mazatlan for a while, then recently came back. Paddy said the LWL was 34’. After fixing dinner on the boat. We headed to the local grocery store and picked up some strawberry ice cream.

Wed 1-30-13 I sent the forms to Carina that the local Aduana guy said to send in. Carina didn’t like them and the Customs Broker she recommended couldn’t do them. I had called the Customs Broker Association with no answers to either phone using Skype. Finally with some help I figured out how to make a local call or even to other parts of Mexico. UPS asked about returning the parts to Seattle. David the sender and I both thought we were very close. David sent all the forms and documents we had sent to the UPS people that had called. They relented and put the parts back into “Waiting for Documents” status. Carina relented some and agreed to fill out the paperwork herself as she couldn’t come up with a customs broker that would fill them out. She asked for 5 items That I filled out and sent in.

Friday 2-1-13. Rubin was supposed to show up with our new slip covers between 12 and 1pm. It was 1:30 pm so I headed to the harbor masters office and Lollie offered to give him a call for the usual $2 charge since it was a cell phone I was calling that costs regular phones money. Rubin was in the parking lot so I met up with him there. Lollie said the call was short and couldn’t charge me. The cushions were a light tan color, almost beige and looked great. It took us a while to set then back in place. Rubin charged 2500 pesos for the labor to make them and 1300 pesos for the material. Previously we had Rubin revise the L shaped corner cushion into two pieces. I’d had other shops bid about 3 hours to revise this at the rate of $75 to $105 per hour. Rubin did it for 600 pesos.

Vitamix Lid - Left over bits I was able to strain out from the smoothie

Vitamix Lid – Left over bits I was able to strain out from the smoothie

For lunch I thought we would have a mango/pineapple smoothie made with our fairly new Vitamix machine. I grabbed the pitcher and dropped in some mango, banana, orange, pineapple and a bunch of ice cubes. Then put the tamper tool in with the black lid and started it up. The ice cubes were pretty big and it jumped around a bit more than normal, so I let it run a while longer. Finally I figured it was done and poured two big glasses. I gulped some down and the drink seemed to still have some chunkiness to it but they weren’t cold like ice cubes. Finally I figured it out as the clear acrylic center lid where you drop fruit in, was now noticed as missing. I had chopped up this center lid, by not checking the pitcher first before putting in the fruit. It tasted fine and I didn’t want to waste the mango so I used a double strainer to take out the plastic. Judy still didn’t like it so I drank hers too. We were a bit late for our excursion to town.

Sunny and Simon - On the front of m/v Seascape

Sunny and Simon – On the front of m/v Seascape

We joined Simon and Sunny from m/v Seascape, and headed to the Art Walk in the Historic Area. We took a bus to the end of the Golden Zone. The city has wire frame covered with paper mache larger than life art works of famous people that they will be using

Seascape - 42' m/v owned by Simon and Sunny, 1956

Seascape – 42′ m/v owned by Simon and Sunny, 1956

for Carnaval. Marlin Brando, Marilyn Monroe, Marcel Marceau and some Mexican folks, Tin Tan and such. We strolled along the beach then grabbed a pulmonia, an open VW car with a cover on the top. We stopped at the Centro Market and toured a bit. Then we started checking out some art shops nearby. There are 23 locations to stop at. We checked out 10 of them that night. Many had wine, chips and such they were offering. Some were selling homemade cinnamon rolls, brownies and the like. We stopped at a restaurant at Plaza Machado, had a beer then Sunny went with us as Simon was having a foot problem. We checked out some more art shops of the ten then headed back to an Italian restaurant on the plaza. Al Jolson statue for Carnaval was in the plaza. It seems these statues are about 30 feet high. We had dinner, then a group with sax, trumpet and singer played several songs a short distance from our restaurant. We grabbed a taxi back to our boats for 100 pesos as buses stop running about 9pm.

Saturday 2-2-13 Swap Meet at the harbor master area started about 7:30am. I sold two fire extinguishers and bought a Brion Toss Riggers book for 70 pesos and 600 pesos for 16 feet of 60 inch navy Sunbrella material.

Later we headed to the Mega store to do some grocery shopping. On the way back to the boat we met up with Simon and Sunny who were saying goodbye as they were leaving in the morning very early to head north to home in Vancouver, B.C. Next stop was Puerto Las Cabos.

Their boat is pretty interesting to me. M/V Seascape is a 1956 Bill Gardner design 42 feet on deck with 39 feet and 11 inches of water line and does about 140 miles per 24 hours. Bill G. called it a Sea Going Gentleman’s Yacht on the design plans. It weighs 42,000 pounds, with tankage of 366 gallons and gets about 4.16 nm per gallon for range of 1522 miles. The boat has the original 6LW Gardner engine in it with 358 foot pounds of torque at 1200 RPMs for 72 hp. These engines were developed in 1939 and sold new ones until about 1992. The engine weighs 2900 pounds. Simon has about 45,000 hours on the engine. It uses 5 ¼ gallons of oil for an oil change usually about every 250 hours. Draft is 5 foot, 4 inches. Most of the boat is 32 volt and the double set of horns are from a locomotive so plenty of power there. Simon did a test blast. If the boat develops rolling from seas they put out stabilizers on each side that stops it right away. Simon is the second owner and has had it for many years. Sunny says, “They’ve been married a long, long, long time.”

We cleaned the outside of the boat today, 2-3-13. Only 8 days ago I had cleaned the solar panels when they were dusty too. Winds have been high enough that sand and dust blows off the ground around us onto the boat. Now since Friday the winds have relented and calmer weather. Boats have left for PV on Friday. One came back today, s/v Yancey, after 150 miles south due to an exhaust connection leak. They made temporary repairs and motored the whole way back so they can get it repaired at Total Yacht Works.

Well here we are watching the super bowl. Chris and Chris of s/v Scintilla just came into El Cid Marina for Carnaval. They say this is the biggest one in North America. We saw lots of musical instrument practicing going on while in the historic area for the Art Walk. Several taverns or bars were doing full on practice with tubas and drums etc. plus lots of schools and such. Monday 2-4, is a holiday here so I won’t have any transmission update status until Tuesday at the earliest.

Horns - Locomotive horns on Seascape

Horns – Locomotive horns on Seascape

Steve and Judy

s/v Code Blue



1. Linda Treggett - February 4, 2013

I love reading your posts and really get the image of you walking around the marina and city areas, meeting other skippers from the states.

So jealous and glad you’re having a great time.

2. Brian Black - February 6, 2013

Greetings Code Blue, from s/v Alegria. We’re also a Caliber 40, 2000 vintage. Currently in Barra de Navidad, signed up for the PPJ-13. Brian and Mizzy aboard, and cat Lilah. All good wishes to you both.

3. John & Daleen Reed - February 8, 2013

Hello Steve & Judy, We enjoy reading updates on your adventures… So sorry to hear about your transmission & vitamix mishap….We are so very jealous and glad we can travel along with you with your communications….
John is busy with his Ski Patrol duties on Snoqualmie Summit.
May you both have Fair winds and Following Seas heading you to another fun adventure…

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