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Saloon Pics & Still Waiting for Transmission February 14, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
Code Blue new cushion slip cover

Code Blue’s new cushion slip cover

Here’s pics of the cushions with new slip covers and such that we had a local sew up for us. Peso is about 12.67 per dollar. This way when we’re in the tropics we can wash them of tan oils, dirt and such.

600P for the cut of the L shape cushion near the fridge. If I was to do over I would NOT cut it at an angle, but cut it square near the corner.

2500P for labor for sewing covers

1300P for material.

Last we heard anything on getting the transmission was Tuesday an email from Carlos.

Hello Mr. Steve

Is not necessary anything else, only wait just a little time for the transmit to be processed by customs

The process is very long



I went to a local translator to help fill out the paperwork, but he said it was too specialized, so he sent me nearby to a Customs Agent that filled out 3 documents. Carlos from UPS in Guadalajara, was very helpful on 2-8-13, Friday. After four tries with others in UPS Service we got his email right away and he entered our paperwork into the system when we sent it on Friday. On Monday he wanted another document for us to sign and return. Tuesday 2-12-13, we got the above email note from him. He hasn’t said how long the process is or how much for customs when I asked him.

Tonight we’re headed out to a special Mexican Restaurant near Plaza Mercado with friends that also own a much newer Caliber LRC 2008, hull number 186, Alan and Elizabeth of s/v Vivacia. We took boat tours on each others boat to get ideas and such. They are friends of Mike and Val that we met in Alameda, CA that have a Caliber LRC, s/v Red Sky that I talked about in the blog in the past.

Happy Valentines Day

Steve and Judy

s/v Code Blue

Update on Customs: Steve just sent a note (February 15, 2013) that it looks like  the paperwork has been processed by Customs and Steve and UPS will have a response from Customs on Monday February 18, 2013.  I wish all of them well with this but Mexican Customs can take a long time for some things.  mb






1. Linda Treggett - February 14, 2013

Those slipcovers are gorgeous. Might as well do those fix it projects while waiting for the transmission.


2. Mike Sinclair - February 15, 2013

Hope this is a ay to reply.

Thanks for the update guys. Hope your tranny comes in, I’m sure you’ll be relieved.

I see by “maybe where we are” tab on your posting site that you’re back in your Seattle Ship Canal slip. Could it be you never left?….:-)

Hope you’re having a great time! You’re missing a lot of great rain and cold weather!

Love, Kris & Mike

captnmike - February 15, 2013

Sorry about the location thing – I still have not completely figured out Google Maps and have had some problems with changes on a test map showing up on the Code Blue map

3. John & Daleen Reed - February 16, 2013

Slip covers are gorgeous…. Also hope you get good news tomorrow with new transmission to follow…. Happy Thanksgiving to you too….
Love, John & Daleen

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