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Carnaval Mazatlan 2013 – The Magic Lantern February 17, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.

129sBasically this is has a theme of movies, as the early days of movies used a device called a Magic Lantern. If you go to the Geyserville, CA. area (not far from Napa Valley) and stop at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery they have an extensive collection of magic Lanterns. Here in this blog are a bunch of pictures of the floats for the parade from Sunday, Feb. 10th. It started right on time of 5:30pm, just before sunset where we were at the beginning of the parade and ended 2 ¼ hours later at 7:45pm. They do another parade on Tuesday, much smaller about 1 ½ hours, but way easier to see the bands, and people in the parade as you can get much closer.

I was only one person back on Tuesday versus being back two lanes of traffic road and a boulevard middle section for the big parade on Sunday. One thing about this parade route you notice right away. Especially with all the beer drinking going on. There are no sanicans or temporary toilets in the area. For a four block area of the parade route where I was, there were two toilets. One at a very small restaurant with one unisex toilet with a very long line way at the beginning of when I got there. Another was north of the area about 1 block away from the parade and into a vacant lot that I didn’t look into. Both had signs that the fee was 5 pesos. About 40 cents US.

141sAt the end of the parades they had 60 ladies and men on floats visiting from Rio de Janiero, Brazil, the really big Carnaval Parade. There are a few pictures of them here also.

For a Coronation ceremony for the king of the Carnaval and a fireworks display another day in the same area they had temporary plywood buildings with toilets hooked up to the sewer lines. The fireworks display had a charge of 30 pesos, about $2.40. Pacifico Brewery is one of the major sponsors of the parade. I think they should get the business at both ends. Sell beer and have pay sani-cans along the parade route. More pictures are in part two.

Steve and Judy Dauzenroth




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