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s/v Code Blue – Copper Canyon # 2 March 9, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear

In El Furete, We got up at 6am, breakfast at 7am, then taxi at 7:45am to the train at 8am which arrived about 8:20am. From there we headed to Bahuichivo, got off the train about 12:35pm, to meet up with Mario and driver, then drove thru Cerocahui 5,550 ft elevation, ended up to a level about 7400 feet for the Cabanas San Isidro Lodge. We saw the only bear in the area, Yogi Bear per the picture. We had lunch right away, then a short walk.

A self-guided tour of the ranch and Happy Hour at about 5pm with two pitchers of margaritas for 6 of us and later popcorn around a fire. About 6pm we had dinner. We started a fire also for our hot water to the cabin. During dinner they started a fire in our room wood stoves. Here it is 9pm and Judy says the hot water is hard to regulate for the shower. We’re taking showers tonight just so we don’t miss out on all this hard work of stoking the wood water heater. Chris and Chris we found out later ran out of hot water in the morning part way into the second shower. Not enough stoking the fire! Part of the problem in both units, the control valves are on one side of the shower and the nozzle on the other side, so quite a ways for the water to travel before the changes are noticed.

We traveled to Urique on 2-22-13 Fri. with a couple of stops on the way. One the Urique view stop, and the other was a view stop and a Tarahumara selling and making baskets in a cave next to the road. Urique is the deepest canyon of the ones here, over 6000 feet, so deeper; and way bigger than Grand Canyon, about 5 times, with all the canyons together. We went all the way to the town of Urique. Soon on March 3rd they will be having an Ultra Marathon. 600 runners are expected and already we have met two of them. One is a Tarahumara who has won twice is the past and the other looked to be a gringo.

Tarahumara are well known for their long distance running capabilities. First place is 35,000 pesos, 2nd 25,000 and 3rd 20,000. This run is 100 kilometers for 62 miles and goes back and forth along the river and thru several towns. If you just finish you still win 2000 pounds of corn meal. Some of the ultra marathon runs in this area are 100 miles. We crossed the river on a foot bridge, came back into town and walked the main road of town and stopped in several shops along the way.

Later we had lunch at a friend of Mario’s on the river. His brother was helping them build tent platforms for people who would stay in town for the race. On the way back up the canyon we stopped at the look out again as the sun was at a better angle. We noticed an Oregon licensed camper and pickup truck down in the lower parking lot. Back at the lodge we had red wine for happy hour inside and did a picture show from Chris and Chris. Fires got stoked as before and we did showers tonight again, after I stoked the hot water heater again. We’re getting better at hot water control, but the toilet plastic connection to the flapper valve broke, so we have to lift the valve up by hand for tonight.

Mario took us for a tour of his home town at nearby Cerocahui (Pop. 1500) and the mission in the town. We then stopped at a shaman Tarahumara that lives in a place that is partially a cave and a house. Then he took us to the train station so we could ride to Posada Barrancas.

Steve and Judy

s/v Code Blue



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