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s/v Code Blue – Copper Canyon # 3 Final March 12, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
Suspension bridge

Suspension bridge

Arriving in Posada Barrancas we met up with a friend of Mario’s who took us to Diez Cabanas. These units only had fireplaces to heat the cabins. I’ve never had a good experience heating a home with a fireplace. It was below freezing outside as noted by frozen mud puddles in the morning. It wasn’t much above freezing inside, plus in our unit it was very smoky in the upstairs portion. We finally put the fire in the very back of the fireplace and that stopped the smoke problem, but it never did heat up the unit, even with stoking the fireplace all night long. These units did have a small kitchen and some utensils etc. We did get to see some Tarahumara natives in their homes, took pictures of the Barrancas Canyon.

We were thinking of leaving the area, but I found a much better room, closer to the train station and they take credit cards as we were low on cash. Cabanas de Esmeralda was the name of the place, they were recently built about 1 ½ years ago. They are owned by Eyvar and Karina and they can take credit card instead of cash as they sell T-shirts at Divisadaro and at the Adventure Park.

There are no banks or ATM’s in this area and most businesses don’t take credit cards. Also there is no Internet, even at the fancy hotels. Ours had a king bed with a single, and the main thing was an air conditioner that could also heat, plus TV and regular hot water showers. TV only had one Spanish speaking station These units were cheaper by 100 pesos a day at 500. They took us to the Adventure Park where we viewed the canyon, then Judy and I did seven zip lines and two suspension bridges to the lower part of the tram. These zip lines are 2.48 miles long overall with one being 1,476 ft. From there we met up with Chris and Chris (C & C) and rode the tram back after checking out some of the Tarahumara basket sales displays. After the Adventure Park, we were taken to Divisadero to view the canyon and walk around.

This train has a story unto its self. From Los Mochis near the Pacific coast to Chihuahua there are a total of 39 bridges and 87 tunnels with a journey that takes about 14 hours and 653 kilometers. This track was started in 1900 and took until 1961 to get completed. Mexican revolution, wars and a few things helped slow things down. At Divisadero the height gets to about 7371 ft. (2245 meters). One thing you notice is the armed guards with semi-automatic rifles. About 15 years ago bandits attacked the train. Now there are guards.

That night we watched the Oscars on TV with Spanish, and once in a while you could hear English in the background and when they would sing. The next morning we took our bags to the train station in Divisadaro and left them at Karina’s father’s stall that wasn’t being used. Then Judy and I took a hike to the Tarahumara homes that were nearby up on the canyon wall. We went further but only saw one more about ½ mile away. We came back from the trail along the canyon and met up with C & C. We tried getting to a balancing rock about 1 mile away from the train station, but were stopped by a ticket taker about 200 feet from the rock and didn’t have ours with us. It cost 20 pesos to get into the park and we had enough walking. Later we saw a picture of the rock from a tourist, which wasn’t too exciting. More like a rocking rock. We grabbed the second class train heading back to El Fuerte for about ½ the price of first class, found the taxi driver that was sent to pick us up, and checked in at Rio Vista again. Second class is very close to first class except that food service is available on first class, second class you have a snack car. The seats are pretty much the same, some windows are a bit different. Same train now but 2nd class only runs a few days a week. You don’t have to worry about livestock or anything in second class. C&C went to the bank and two ATM’s were available. We went to the famous taco stand that was finally open. They were low on variety but I had a quesadilla that was even better, and very good.

Then we met up with a friend of Eyvar and Karina’s that we had met at their place. He was a guide for about 6 couples from La Cruz, New Mexico and had set up a private dance show that we watched at the Zorro hotel, Posada De Fuerte. The next day we got back to Mazatlan via bus and Los Mochis. The taxi driver that was first in line wanted 600 pesos to take us back to our boats. He finally agreed to 100 which was a bit high from that area, but he had to pay a parking fee of 7 pesos, so maybe about right. So we made it back to the boat about 6:15pm Tuesday 26th Feb. for 8 days. Had pizza at a local restaurant.

Steve and Judy

s/v Code Blue



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