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S/V Code Blue – Leaving Mazatlan, Heading to PV and Other Stops Along the Way March 26, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.

Code Blue Notes 3-16-13

Just got our Coordinacion General De Puertos Y Marina Mercante Direccion General De Capitania from the harbormaster gal here. Mexico is living up to it’s paperwork requirement and title of paperwork stuff. Now we can go to our next port. Isabela Island, San Blas and some other stops then PV.

We’re getting very close to leaving. It’s about 11:52am MST here in Mazatlan. Finally after 4 days of harbor closed due to high surf and last two days, Mon and today it is open, and no red flags. Hopefully before noon heading to PV with stops along the way. 83 degs they say today. Last night was dry pretty with little dew on the boat this morning. It’s getting hotter here now.

The coupler $150 on the shaft was out of round and needed replacing but we had to cut the shaft $270 for a new one, put in a new cutless bearing $120, plus a lot of labor, hauling for 8 days. Things would of been pretty good, but I needed to haul our for a new shaft key(s) so figured might as well do this stuff, but getting the coupler off was a bear. They didn’t want to heat it with a torch as too close to fiberglass and muffler etc. $1600 and change, plus the haulout and lay days. Sorry I can’t send pictures with this one as have a different computer.

Steve and Judy

s/v Code Blue

Leaving Mazatlan soon I hope. But it’s been great.



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