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s/v Code Blue – Isla Isabel (Isabela) March 30, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
Brown Boobie

Brown Boobie

Code Blue Folks, 3-30-13

We went from Mazatlan on Tues 26th, to Isla Isabela for two days. Sailing was awesome but short lived with only 22 miles sailing of 98 over all. Whale group of five was spotted by Judy but she didn’t want to wake me as they were far away but doing lots of porpoise, fin flips, tail slaps. 3-28 we spotted 4 or 5 humpbacks doing the usual antics while at anchor.

Even after reducing my pitch from 14.3 to 12.7, I’m still over pitched I could tell on this trip. Usually I can get up to 3600 RPMs, now only 2900 RPMs. This has to doing with changing my transmission and ratio from 2.64 to 2.33.

The chart says Isabel, but everyone calls it Isabela. The island is covered with Blue Footed Boobies around the edge on the east side. They nest right on the ground. Brown Boobies on the west in a few spots. Frigates nesting in the trees some short about head high and a little higher. Iguanas seem to be inland or all over and small lizards.

Some other pictures with this batch. Cockpit Shower is Judy taking a shower with a solar shower. Easier to cleanup than using one of the regular showers. She’s wearing a suit due to close to other boats. Lago Crater was a very green water looking lake from volcano action in the interior of the island. A Baba 30, s/v Balance was in our anchorage with a bunch of toys on deck, kayaks and a dinghy. Hopefully they don’t sail this way. Winds were great on the way to San Blas, we sailed 40 of 43 miles, so took a picture of our asymmetrical sail with the main up wind and wing. Los Monas are two rock islets that had great snorkeling around them. Medium sized Napoleon wrasse, and some good sized parrot fish, butterfly, banner and a bunch of others around. Judy was having problems breaking in her new mask she won at last year’s Scuba Show in Tacoma. I traded with her for a while. Later we used some toothpaste on the inside but was still fogging up some on the inside.

Picture of our Wheel Brake was set up as I don’t have the equipment/parts to setup a better wheel lock at this point. With the Hydovane you need a wheel lock and most wheel locks won’t hold by themselves, especially in aggressive waters.

On the way to San Blas we spotted more whales 3-29, way closer to the boat. Porpoise, fins slaps and such, then they spotted us I think and dove down for 5 minutes further north. We were sailing but making water with solar power as 35 amps coming in as the panels and boat were tilted to the sun.

Now we are in San Blas 29th, buggy and hot but good in town. Easter weekend is going on big time. Marina Fonatur, Fri 3-29 for two days I think with river tour if we can fit it in, then Matanchen, then Chacala as below.

This is our best guess at this point. I’d think we will be in PV for a while.

San Blas 29 & 30

Matanchen 31

Chacala 1

La Cruz 2 and maybe more

Paradise Village, PV area. sometime

We went into town last night. Even for San Blas thousands of people in the square due to Good Friday and Easter coming up. Wall to wall people. Many bands playing at the same time, most with Tubas in the band. We saw about 10 bands and only walked on one side of the square. Pacifico Stage band started playing but Judy couldn’t take it when they started playing. We went back to the boat about 10pm.

Noseeums are around pretty good here. I’m head to toe with long pants, long sleeve shirt, socks and shoes, inside a building and I swear they are biting my left toe.

Ah, Gmail has changed their format again. Always improving, making it harder to remember how to do things.

Steve and Judy

Now in San Blas



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