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s/v Code Blue – San Blas March 31, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
Old Church

Old Church


This Fonatur marina in San Blas only has 20 slips. Fonatur is having financial difficulty. They own about 10 marinas around the area, including one that is in Mazatlan. They are a government backed business that my understanding a company call Singular used to have and they went out of business. Now Fonatur is trying to make a go of it. The Mazatlan one didn’t have fuel for a while due to non-payment. Just as we left they did get some fuel. They had a hot tub that was really a cold tub. No one used it. Here you notice some maintenance items that have gone astray. No hot water showers in the Men’s and Women’s shower area, but the maintenance shower does have hot water. Cruiser says no propane for the hot water tank. I think a fuel cost to work the boilers as he said we would have hot water in an hour. We came back longer than an hour and the water was cold. The security guard directed Judy to the maintenance one for a Caliente (hot) shower this evening. They can’t afford paper towels in the budget so there is a super economy toilet roll in the paper towel dispenser. Pretty ingenious I thought. There are no chairs with regular backs in the cruisers lounge, just a bar table and three bar stools to do internet with. Louis the manager that I have had contact with here works very hard and long hours doing many jobs, running the travel lift, paperwork, maintenance items, dealing with customers. Most of this is from cruiser scuttlebutt and from what I can gather.

So we arrived in San Blas (Pop. 37,000 per AAA Judy says) on Good Friday 3-29. We made it into the slip after a few slip ups in the river channels that weren’t marked. Most of the buoys are in the maintenance yard as we went by on the way in.

Saturday night we went into town again at the main square. There were about half the people of Friday night so easier to walk around the square. The old church was open and lots of people going into the new church with candles lit. The old one had a family group of about 30 people with a viewing and remembrance of their past member. The new one was full up with many chairs added extra. The juxtaposition of the two church events with the wild party bands playing and carnival going on right next door in the town square was easily noticed. Ah, a regular rock and roll band was well attended in a gathering of folks. Two guitars with one singing and drums. They were Mexican songs to familiar tunes with everyone except us it seemed singing along most of the time.

Earlier in the day we hiked up to the fort in town, La Contaduria. There is the skeleton of a big church alongside also, Templo de la Virgen del Rosario. Great views from the fort overlook of town. Not much in English and only 10 pesos to get in. Many Mexican tourists are attending with a guide giving talks for tips at the fort. He didn’t know much English. On the way back we stopped at the river nearby. We asked about where the largest food (mercado) store was and got directions, then noticed it was in our cruising guide book also. We stopped by on the way back thru town. Very small and not a lot of regular food items. You have to go to each of the separate stores. Butcher, fish, beer, pop, bakery etc. There is a Mercado Street with many different stores on it. Some are a few blocks away.

They are renovating the Aduana building that used to handle Customs in the old days. Across the street is the best hotel in the town. Honeymoon suite was 1220 pesos for two, about $100 per night. With Easter events going on many of the hotels are charging near double the posted rates. Tomorrow, Sunday 3-31 we will stop by the beach. Hundreds of people were at the beach on our way in.

Went to the beach, took a picture of two guys selling ice cream bars. On the way we found a couple of good markets. One outside and one inside so decided to do some shopping on the way home. The only bakery in town isn’t open on Sunday. We stopped by and talked to the owner. Come back on Monday at 7am to 5pm he says in pretty good English. The other markets were still going so got some shrimp and a bunch of vegetables. Getting ready to leave and head to Ensenada de Matanchen about 4 miles away from the river entrance of San Blas.

Steve and Judy



1. Marie & Greg - March 31, 2013

Keeping tabs on all your adventures…thanks for sharing all the little details.

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