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La Cruz, Mexico near PV April 12, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
Sunset at Matanchen Bay

Sunset at Matanchen Bay


La Cruz, Mexico near PV

From San Blas we went to Mantachen Bay 4-1 and anchored out 2751 trip NM. This was the same spot we took the river trip from while in San Blas. We met up with s/v Luna Sea (LS) and got the story on s/v Magic Places (MP) that was missing while they were buddy boating down the coast. They had left Mazatlan together, then Luna Sea was sailing or motoring faster so they kept in radio contact every hour. Their last transmission together was at 1800 hrs on the 31st and Rick in MP had water in the bilge problems from a raw water pump. He got the water drained out and was tired so wanted to rest for a while. LS had contacted the US Coast Guard and asked them to contact the Mexican Navy that MP was missing. It was also broadcasted on the HF net and VHF nets that Rick was missing. A Harken 45’, white with blue sheer strip.

The next day we left to head to Chacala Bay. Fishermen put out long lines, sometimes several miles long that float on the surface with plastic bottles as floats once in a while. White floats are at the beginning and end usually. Sometimes with flags on these floats. We saw 5 of these long lines we had to dodge. One of these we ran over as we were sailing and saw it too late. We lucked out as it was deep enough for us to go over it. Normally they are right on the surface. We also saw humpback whales breaching along the way. On the way we got a hold of Rick of Magic Places on VHF. He was very tired and headed into Mantachen about 16 miles out. At first he didn’t give us any coordinates, later he did give a set to us and we double checked but he was way off, based on the 16 miles. He made it into Mantachen and then to La Cruz. Finally we anchored in Chacala at 2780 trip NM on 4-2. Took the dingy into the fishing pier and walked to town. We bought a couple of beers and a watermelon. Came back to the boat at sundown as we had to get up early for an estimated 43 miles to La Cruz near PV.

We got up at 5:30am, started motoring at 6:18am. We put out the fish lure and caught a 15# wahoo, 42 inches long, at about 7:30am. We sailed from about 9am on at 2794 NM, put up the asymmetrical for 11 miles, sailed for a total of 30 miles. When we took down the asymmetrical the halyard all of a sudden let go part way down. The sail ended up in the drink and we took our time getting it out so it wouldn’t rip. We would of sailed for more miles but due to cleaning the fish we motored during that time. Just before La Cruz marina we doused the jib sail and motored a short distance to the dock, 2825 NM on 4-3. We had Barry and Gayle of Scotch Mist II over for wahoo dinner. They brought wine and rice.

4-4 we cleaned up the boat some and La Cruz Marina had a seminar on weather, hurricane holes and such. Friday 4-5 we met up with Bruce and Laurie of s/v Dream On. They took a tour of Code Blue then we all took off to have them show us La Cruz. Their boat is in La Paz on the hard, and they are on vacation in PV at Vacation International. We had lunch at Enrico’s with them, then they took the bus back to town. Tomorrow 4-6 is a La Cruz Swap Meet. Sunday a 1973 Islander 28’ sailboat broke both his anchors loose, maybe from rubbing on a wreck below and ended up on the beach and hit some rocks on the way. Total loss, so he’s been on the beach this last week selling parts from the boat. He’s only been sailing 4 months and had a similar instance like this before, but lucked out with help and such. The harbormaster crunched up the hull and hauled it away as the owner said there was too much damage. The anchors were a Danforth style and a Bruce with 20’ of chain and the rest 1/2″ 3 strand rode on each. He had recently re-anchored in 15’ feet of water with 60’ feet of scope. Boat name was s/v Tansi Gotin. Wind 15 to 20 kts came up in the anchorage and he wasn’t on the boat. A week or so before we got here a 44’ Junk rig sailboat, Flying Dragon, ended up on shore just in front of Paradise Village that took several days to get it off. 41,000 lbs displacement and many sailors with anchors etc. finally got it off the beach. A few things that helped was a flat bottom, sand, and a lot of help. The wind was blowing them on to the beach, couldn’t get the sails up or anchor out fast enough when the engine died. Not sure if they were trying to enter the marina that was nearby.

We have done dinner a few times in La Cruz. Our 6th wedding anniversary was at Eva’s Brickhouse Restaurant on the 7th. 9th we took the bus to Paradise Village to pick up our Vitamix lid replacement and check out some of the buses plus the marina. On the 10th there was a benefit fish fry party for a lady who has cancer, so six bands played during the night. We were low on water so went sailing for 23 miles on the 11th and used our Spectra watermaker for about 100 gallons using our solar panels.

Before we head to Paradise Village, we’ll take some buses to Punta de Mita, Sayulita, and other towns along the beach.

Steve and Judy

La Cruz Marina, soon to Paradise Village near PV



1. Capt.JerrySte - April 12, 2013

Happy Anniversary! ! MANY MORE!

2. Linda Treggett - April 15, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

steveandjudy - April 15, 2013

Linda, 4-15-13

Thanks Linda. We had a nice dinner and 6 years have been good.


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