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s/v Code Blue – Paradise Village & Toilet Repair April 19, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
50th Birthday cake for Mike

50th Birthday cake for Mike


We moved from La Cruz Marina to Paradise Village Marina yesterday 4-18. La Cruz has the look and feel of a Mexican village and small town feel. Lots of cruisers both on the hook outside in the anchorage and in the marina. Paradise Village is more like Disneyland. No Mexican village nearby anywhere, has water slides, pools, familiar US restaurants and coffee houses. North American Dingy Nationals are going on here in the Banderas Bay with Vallarta Yacht Club as the focal point in preparation for the Olympics in Rio coming up.

Upon checking in we, headed to the beach for a dip in the ocean, then to the pool for a crocodile slide and afterwards a shower. For dinner we headed into town with a stop along the way. We went to Home Depot for some plumbing parts for our forward head. I tried to find them in La Cruz plumbing stores and failed, but struck gold here in Puerto Vallarta. Up until recently we had usually used our forward head. Upon close examination, (my nose says too close) I was more than surprised at the calcification in the 1 1/2″ hose and pipe plumbing of the toilet. The duck bill joker valve was clogged with calcification and also all the plumbing afterwards for 4 or 5 feet, maybe more as I haven’t gone any further. The 1 1/2″ pipe was reduced to less than three quarters of an inch. The calcification was soft in some parts and hard in others. I’ve used 1 to 2 cups of vinegar in the past as overnight treatment to help keep the plumbing clear but had no idea how extensive the problem was. Granted I’ve had the boat for 11 years and haven’t had any problems. Parts are on the boat and I’m adding new PVC pipe to help reduce the amount of hose used like on the newer Caliber LRC boats that I’ve seen.

In town we stopped off just after the island in the river (Isla Rio Cuale) and ate at an Italian place with pizza. Then walked the malecon for a while with entertainment and musical players along the way. Finally we grabbed a bus to head back and figured out from our Spanish understanding it was a two bus ride. The first bus dropped us off a few blocks from the ATM bus station. We got to the second bus pick up at 10:25pm. The last bus to Paradise Village and Nuevo Vallarta left at 10pm. We grabbed a bus that was going close to the area on Hwy 200 and then he let us off near a taxi stand that was 60 pesos about $5 to the marina. We made it back to our boat about midnight. So much for locals telling us buses run until 10:30pm or later.

We recently had a small Caliber rendezvous in La Cruz with three boats getting together. Alegria # 124 a 1999 and Snowaway #189 a 2008; ours is hull #134 a 2001. It was neat seeing all the things people do to their boats to make things better. Alegria took off to the Marquesas on Wednesday. Snowaway recently transited the Panama Canal and is headed further north. At this point we’re not sure where we’re headed, but we know we’ll do the Sea of Cortez for a while. It’s getting hot here high 80’s and sometimes humid more than 75%.

Another boat from Puget Sound Cruising Club PSCC is here in the village, s/v Dream Catcher, Chuck and Margie. We saw them also at the La Cruz Sunday market a few days ago.

Mike of PV Sailing in La Cruz recently worked on our main sail to re-cut it and add some proper shape back into the sail. He also had a 50th birthday party at Oso’s Restaurant with a great rock band playing familiar tunes. Mike was racing in the Banderas Bay regatta and broke both bones on both legs when a boat bumped up while he was hanging out on the rail. The story in 38 Degrees North he mentioned is misleading, untrue in parts and not how Mike saw what happened. Anyway he’s doing good, has the casts off and still in a wheel chair rolling around.

Steve and Judy Dauzenroth

s/v Code Blue

Paradise Village Marina near PV




1. farleydoodle - April 19, 2013

The video of the start of the race was on Sailing Anarchy. To my admittedly inexpert eye, it looked to me like Blue was barging and clearly in the wrong. There was room to get closer to the committee boat, but Blue had an inexperienced helmsperson who I think panicked a bit.

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