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s/v Code Blue – Agua Termales (Thermal Water) April 30, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
Seahorse on the malacon

Seahorse on the malacon


We’re in Nuevo Vallarta officially, at a place called Paradise Village, it’s a 1/2 hour or less bus ride to Puerto Vallarta for 14.50 Pesos.

The other day we were walking the malacon in PV and while having lunch, we talked with the owner of the restaurant at the north end of the malacon, near Hotel Rosita. He was telling us about some hot springs in Las Palmas. As he remembered them there were several pools for kids to swim in and further up to the sources there were several natural pools and springs for adults to savor and relax in. Sounded interesting so thought we would give it a try.

Today we took a bus to Walmart in PV, then a bus to Las Palmas for 14.50 pesos, then a hitchhike ride back about 5 Km; 2 on the hwy, then 3 Km on to the dirt road with a sign on the hi-way that says “Aguas Termales” Entrada. I gave him 50 pesos to give us the ride as the road was rough and he was headed another way after the turn off. This is the same sign that I asked the bus driver about on the way to Las Palmas but he seemed to indicate there was another road to the Hot Springs (Thermal Water, Entrance) from the town. The instructions from the guy we talked to, was to ride the bus to the town, then about a mile walk at most. The hot springs were a bit of disappointment. 30 Pesos to get in, a little less than $3 which was inexpensive but, they had a small triangle pool 40 feet on the base and about 15 feet wide at the top of the triangle but only 6 inches deep or so and very hot. It says 42 Celsius for 107.6 F but it seemed in the 115 F bracket or better due to low water flow. The big pool about 43 x 40 feet was only about 2 1/2 feet at the very deepest corner and mostly about 1 to 1 1/2 feet deep and about 102 to 103 F. Other pools were empty due to low water flow and leaks in the broken concrete. One pool near the big one was about 40 x 9 feet rectangle and 3 feet deep at one end and less than a foot at the other end, but fairly cool at 80 F or so I’d say.

On the way out we walked on the dusty road, passed a farmer feeding his cattle with corn plants. We waved at each other and later after we walked about a mile in 20 minutes he gave us a ride the rest of the way to the hi-way. There we caught the bus to town for only 12.50 pesos.


Finally we made it to Vacation International in PV, a bit late to meet our friends from Seattle who were here before we got to PV.

Steve and Judy

s/v Code Blue



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