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s/v Code Blue – La Paz, Marina Palmira May 18, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
Mushroom Rock at Puerto Balandra Bay

Mushroom Rock at Puerto Balandra Bay


From Mazatlan to La Paz is about 238 miles per a mileage table Judy provided me. We did 86 sailing and 191 motoring. Our trip log is 3388 at this point from Seattle. On the way into La Paz since it was late we anchored over night in Puerto Balandra a nice bay with super sandy beaches and a cool rock formation called Mushroom Rock near by. This is about two hours from La Paz.

So we are in Marina Palmira with some other Seattle sailboats; Victory, Eagle, Fellowship that we know and some others just talking to Scott of Scott Free in the cruiser lounge, and another Seattle boat Shadow Fax may show up at a finger food potluck with BYOB at Marina La Paz this evening. It’s in the club house called Club Cruceros they provide paper plates and forks. This is about 2 miles away so we’re getting a ride from Penn and Dawn of Victory.

Wow, Victory is looking really good in our tour yesterday. Dawn was busy doing some fresh paint on the deck, Penn had just come back from getting some oil for the engine. This is a long haul road from almost being sunk and mostly flooded boat. We went out to dinner last night together for Chinese food at Peking Restaurant then they stopped by a pretty good sized grocery store so we picked up some ice cream, produce and the like. They are taking out two couples for a week on a cruise in a few days.

The weather is hot here, in the 90’s during the day, but a dry heat of 10 to 30% humidity is what we’ve seen so far, then cools down to 65 to 68 degrees and some wind at night. So far not buggy but Fellowship warned us to put up our screens at night, so we did. Moorage would have been $43.48 US for a day or the week is $157.13 that we signed up for as we wanted to stay a few days anyway. Dock key deposit is a little weird; $50 deposit US, or if you pay in Mexican or credit card they change it into dollars when they are returned.

On our trip from Puerto Vallarta to Mazatlan we caught two fish right away, first a Pacific Sierra 21” and 2 ½ lbs. Then a Pacific Crevalle Jack 33 ½ inches for 20 pounds so we shut down the fishing as the freezer was full. The Sierra is a firm white fish and very good. The Crevalle is a dark meat, almost steak like in taste.

I’ve included a picture of some things that float in the water that look like real sponges, but when you squeeze them they don’t feel like a sponge at all, at least not the kind you would like.

Fair winds,

Steve and Judy

s/v Code Blue



1. Linda Treggett - May 19, 2013

So glad you guys are having fun. Say hi to Penn and Dawn for me. I miss their posts.

You sound like you are having fun. Good sailing! Hey, one thing I wondered, do you need a fishing license there?

captnmike - May 19, 2013

Hi Linda, 5-19-13

I think Penn and Dawn are doing posts still but just busy so haven’t had time to do updates for a while, last one was April 30th. They took off with some visitors from Seattle for a week so can’t pass on your notes, but I’ll cc them here. We might be gone by the time they come back on Thursday 5-23-13. Slight chance we may see them as we head out.

Fun – Well it’s hot here. Usually in the high 80’s to 90’s. Marine Swap meet today was fun. We bought a few things, but missed out on a good wind scoop sock. O well. We have the same model of one but it is falling apart. The one I saw was brand new looking about $70 if new. Sun kills stuff fast around here. We’re going to try a movie and maybe swimming tonight.

Fishing – Yep if you fish you need a Mexican license, all people on board need one, about $90 US for both of us for a year. The fine is kind of stiff, they take your boat away is the rumor. Once we move to another country then the rules change again. Open sea of course no license needed in say crossing to South Pacific. Penn says you can get one also for a day or a week. But still the problem of everyone on board has to have one. We’re having fish tonight on the BBQ.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
La Paz

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