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s/v Code Blue – La Paz to Puerto Escondido – Part 2 June 10, 2013

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Agua Verde  This is the spot were a bunch of amigos came and had a 5 day beach party

Agua Verde This is the spot were a bunch of amigos came and had a 5 day beach party

To s/v Code Blue – Followers,

The next morning we headed to the Pacifico sign as we heard they had a garbage drop off for 30 pesos. Charlotte was there, a local kind of, living on their 27 foot Catalina with husband Steve for the last 2 1/2 years in this town. We asked about the tienda (grocery store) and they said it would usually open up today but it depends if he makes it back today or not from La Paz by truck, a four hour trip. As we were talking about their story for being here, it was announced on the VHF that the tienda was now open for business and had fresh produce and eggs etc. Steve and Charlotte got here in a storm in December two years ago and have been here ever since except for some cruising in the area. We headed to the tienda bought 305 pesos of groceries and headed back to the boat.

One thing that we noticed that Charlotte confirmed is that it is about 15 degrees cooler here than in La Paz. Ever since Isla San Francisco it seems, we noticed the cooler weather. Charlotte noted in the whole town there is not one refrigerator and no one keeps an ice box very long. There are a few solar panels for lights to houses, running VHF radios and recharging portable items such as VHF’s.

After the grocery run and back to the boat for lunch. We headed off to the salt ponds. On the way we saw several burro herds and a few horses. One horse had a bell with a collar around its neck. We talked to the salt worker in the pond area. He gave us the OK to take a small sample of salt about 1 cup back to the boat is all we had container wise. He said they sell a whole 50 kilo sack of salt for 20 pesos, about $1.62. It sure looked like a lot of work to recover 50 kilos of salt from the ocean. Judy commented that the ponds had kind of a pinkish look to them before they solidified to white salt. The primary school was on the way to and from the ponds also. Kindergarten thru 6th grade is taught by a school teacher.

Agua Verde (3 nights) – Three tienda (grocery stores), two churchs, two fish brokers and one school in this community. We visited all three several times. Cheese lady makes goat cheese from all the goats around. We tried to buy a kilo of cheese from the grocery stores but they were out, so one sent us directly to the cheese lady. She had her last kilo in a press, so fresh, hot off the press, you might say and only 50 pesos instead of 65 P at the store. We motored over to the north end via dinghy and tied up to the panga float lines close to shore. From there explored the cemetery mostly 1937 to mid 60’s. There is a house for sale on the beach but not looking so good. On the way back we stopped at s/v Merilon, Michael and Tiki with a Yorktown 35’. Discovered he was the net controller earlier in the morning. We setup some class sessions later on at Las Canderlos for GRIB file retrevial.

We snorkeled with Bob and Joyce of s/v Chara one morning with visibility finally improving at Pyramid Rock. We found out they had rescued a turtle that was tied up in fishing lines and the boat avoiding fishing lines and that was why they had some stops and weird plots on their AIS tracks back when they were near Isla Isabela. Later we got together for Happy Hour on Chara and another boat m/v Worth Waiting 4 with Bernard and Becky arrived too. While there a boat called s/v KharmaSeas was trying to make it into Agua Verde. They had engine problems with a shaft coupler problem all the way from Mazatlan and now steering cable problems plus his VHF radio wasn’t doing so good with clipping problems. Winds had died, so he was looking for a tow from about 9 miles out because of the reefs around and such plus getting dark. Finally he got the broken steering cable fixed. Then he drifted for quite a while and finally made it in about 1 am. The next morning he had fixed the “engine” problem and took off sailing. Later I found out from Michael he was pretty much an all-electric boat with only a Honda 2000e generator as a backup.

Hot Springs – From Agua Verde we motored all the way to a hot springs near Punta El Carrizalito that was near Isla San Cosme. Not much wind so anchored is 22 feet off shore. For two hours we searched for the hot springs. While I was hiking up in the hills searching Judy brought the dinghy in closer to shore due to the tide coming in. Finally we gave up and headed back to the boat. I showed Judy the guide book and picture once again. Then after reading the picture line “The hot springs found on a rocky reef connecting a small island to mainland Baja just south of Punta el Carrizalito” we figured where the hot springs should be. But alas the tide had come in and now the hot springs were covered with water at least 2 feet deep. But, we did find them. Just that you need to be here at low tide we discovered. You could see bubbles coming up and the sand was hot to the foot.

Steve & Judy
s/v Code Blue




1. Capt.Jerry Stephenson - June 11, 2013

Sounds like you guys are learning a lot.

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