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s/v Code Blue – La Paz to Puerto Escondido – Part 3 June 12, 2013

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Villa del Palmar view from the unit and pools

Villa del Palmar view from the unit and pools

Los Candeleros 6-5-13 – From the hot springs we motored mostly, with 1 mile of sailing due to we needed to make water as we were down to 3/8’s of a tank and didn’t know what was in store for our next anchorage. There is a large Fractional Share Condo complex here so heard WiFi was available. Upon anchoring we noticed KharmaSeas was right next door so I called him on the radio and asked if I could see his electrical driven propulsion set up. I noticed he still had a clicking problem on the VHF.

Pitt gave me a tour of his boat. He had two 8D batteries separated for bank 1 and 2 for house use. He showed me the Icom 502 VHF radio that was the clicking problem and willing to trade. It had a faulty mike cable. Then we pulled off the cover to the engines, two 9 HP electrics, that looked rather small. These were powered by 540 amps at 48 volts of 4 sets of lithium ion batteries tied together of smaller 3.5 volt batteries, about $20,000 US for the lithium ion batteries. He showed me where he had fixed the broken shaft & cable problems. He had a kitty on board that was a bit of a problem walking on the I-pad or playing with it as it would change screens all the time and loose his chart track for a while. The boat was a 1977, 41’ Formosa ketch, designed by William Garden, 34’ LWL and 51’ 6” overall. He also showed me how he had fixed the prop shaft coupler by cutting off his prop shaft about 9 inches as he had two of them before, now just one coupler.

Pitt was a fire breathing circus act on the side from Australia and showed me several pictures on his I-pad of his fire swallowing and such performance. Last year about this time the local condo manager hired him to perform and most of the boating community and what was left of the condo community watched his act. He was hoping to do a repeat performance this year but he did one faux pax of taking one of the condo working ladies on a sailing trip for a few days on her days off after his last performance last season. The same condo manager was too busy to see him this year about repeat performances. Pit left this morning, 6-6, for points north. The plan is for him to perform at Gary’s party in Playa El Burro (Cove) in Bahia Concepcion on July 4th. Gary is ‘The Weather Guy’ for the Mexican area on the Pacific and Baja areas. Once a year he throws a party that cruisers from all over come to Burro Cove.

Today we came into the condo facility for lunch, email and swimming pool. Some friends of ours on another boat have been here for 10 days doing the same thing. They know the staff by first name basis some of them. The towel staff caught us our first day and said we were welcome to have food or drinks but the pool was for only guests and owners. We had been talking with Scott and another Scott about our boating experiences for some time at the pool while this happened. The first Scott and Dawn offered to have all four of us as guests in Dawn’s parent’s room as they had left two days early. So that solved the problem of being guests, we got our colored wrist bands. We invited them out to our boats as we were with Bob and Joyce of s/v Chara. Tonight is Mexican night that we thought we would join in on. Internet is really good here, even out to our boats sometimes. Power sources for our computers aren’t so good at the condo. Right now I’m hooked up to power but no shade and about 5 feet from the shade location. The hot tub is very close though.

6-7-13 Fog – In the morning on the 6th and also today there is major fog going on. Today most of the boats disappeared from view that are around us in the bay. So just be aware you can have fog down here in Mexico and in our case thick fog.

One of the Scott’s took off fishing with a panga and they caught 5 yellow fin tuna (one a 30 pounder they gave to the guide) and offered some to us. We were taking off on the free condo bus that goes to Loreto, so would catch up with them later.

Loreto 1pm bus was about 42 minutes to the Santa Fe facility another facility owned by the main company, about 8 blocks from the mission in Loreto, Mision Nuestra Senora de Loreto. Some views along the way. As we got into Loreto we noticed major house and business building construction going on. We only had 2 1/4 hours of visit time for the return bus at 4pm. We visited the Loreto Mission and Museum near the center of town. This was the first mission in the new world by Spain built in 1697.

This was also a provisioning run for food and fresh veggies, 6-9-13. We then headed to the Farmers Market (mercado de agricultores) that was near the dry river. Along the way we spotted a dive shop. $8 US or 100 pesos for a normal 80 cf aluminum tank ,we noted. At the market we picked up green beans, mangos, zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, avocados, oranges, limes and at the last minute since we had room I picked up a medium sized watermelon. The stalls were just closing up as we left. This market is on open dirt ground near the dry river bed. On the way back to the bus pickup we stopped at the “El Pescador Super Mercado”, the largest store in town. Here we picked up an 8 pack of Modelo beer, 32oz yogurt, mango flavor of course, 4 bananas and cauliflower. Our packs were getting heavy and it was hot out, 93 F, so on the way stopped at a mini mart and got two Dove ice cream bars at $4 US each for medium size bars. This and a cold can of beer each kept us going back to the bus in time.

We got back to Los Candeleros, which we noted from the big arch way entrance is called Villa del Palmar, (Villa of the Palms). Judy wanted another ice cream so we went to the tienda at the condo. Here we got a double scoop with waffle cone for 21 pesos ( about $1.70 US.) and a choice of flavors. We didn’t see Scott at the pool, so we went up to their room and some friends of theirs handed us a small paper wrapped fish section. We went down to the pool and did see Scott and Martha this time. They were just coming back from a hike. When Scott saw the small paper wrap of fish, he said that was fish trim trash that he put in the freezer to keep the smells down. He went back up to their room and brought down a big bag of yellow fin tuna fillets of about 10 lbs. and some ice to keep it cold. He apologized many times, but we said hey, free fish, we can’t complain. We said our goodbyes and headed to the boat. We had BBQ yellow fin, green beans and a green salad for dinner. It’s been a while since I’ve had yellow fin. Very tasty and we kept it rare on the inside.

Today 6-10 we’re making water on the hook. Our tank is down to 1/4 of a tank and our jugs of drinking water are 1/2 gone. We listened to the Sonrista HAM net and Amigo SSB net this morning. Jake on s/v Jake from Puget Sound Cruising Club is the net controller for the Amigo net so he sent me a form that they use for how net controllers do the net. He’s in Puerto Escondido so I’ll talk to him more about it then as I think we’ll be moving soon. Swimming pool, hot tub, restaurants, ice cream, showers in the room and WiFi have been great but it’s time to move on.

Steve & Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. MikeKris - June 12, 2013

Did Pitt teach you to fire swallow. I’ll arrange a demo for SSYC when you return. All the best. M&K

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