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Code Blue – Happy Fourth of July July 4, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.

Code Blue Followers, 7-4-13

We are in Playa el Burro for Geary Ritchie’s 4th of July party about 15 miles south of Mulege’ in Bahia Concepcion. He’s the main weather guy around this area on the HAM net, Sonrisa. It’s hot out 91 F in the cabin, light winds, bar is 1008.4 and rising. Geary is having a beer truck come in so boaters can buy their own beer for the party and for their boats. Geary’s providing the hot dogs, tables, chairs, tents and the like on land near his palapa. We have 16 boats in our bay here and about 10 boats in the bay next to us called Playa Coyote plus on the radio we know of about 10 more boats in other bays nearby.

Phosphorescence is extreme here at night when we can see it at least, probably during the day too, you just can’t see it. The other night on the 2nd we were in Playa Santispac by ourselves with not many lights around. There were three or four skates three feet across, swimming around the boat and we could see them swimming near the surface due to their phosphorescence effect for several hundred feet from the boat. At times there would be two racing each other it seemed. Also around the boat were lots of fish attracted by our two small LED garden lights we have near the cockpit, so you could see their constant effect in the water. We went swimming for a while too, and our whole bodies would light up as we swam around. No moon and a clear sky for the stars. You can see the individual photons of light it seems like a firefly glowing in the water but they last longer for their beacon of light.

On the way back from Mulege we put out our thumb again, about 7 cars went by and then we caught a ride back to our boat. This took only 10 minutes for the ride, but it was in the back of a white pickup. The wind felt good in the heat of the evening about 7:15pm. We offered to help pay for gas going and coming back but no one would accept. In Mulege we went to four different grocery stores to get our supplies. One store had a small ice cream freezer so we got Magnum double caramel chocolate ice cream bars. The chocolate stays on the vanilla ice cream because of the caramel when you chomp into it. Previously when we would chomp into frozen hard plain chocolate bars, the same brand, the chocolate would break and crack off, so you would end up eating most of the chocolate from our hand or it would fall to the ground for the 5 second rule if you were willing.

Well the party hasn’t started up yet, but thought I would send this out for now.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Playa el Burro, Bahia Concepcion



1. Mike Sinclair - July 4, 2013

Thx and Happy 4th to you also!

Its 75 & sunny here. Sailing back fr Poulsbo to Lk Union for 2nd fireworks.

Mike &Kris

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2. John and Daleen Reed - July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July. We are celebrating with our yacht club in Anacortes. Beautiful string of weather we are having .

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