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s/v Code Blue – Santa Rosalia/San Marcos, Sent 7-16-13 July 16, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
Inside Church – Inside of Eiffel designed church

Inside Church – Inside of Eiffel designed church

Code Blue Followers 7-14-13 Sunday

We are in Sweet Pea Cove, at Isla San Marcos, not far from Santa Rosalia, just north of N27 degrees on the inside of the Baja. The mobley rays are jumping big time. Yesterday there was a school of about 50 and I counted 57 jumps in just a few minutes, until it slowed down. Most are the smaller 15 to 18 inch size with four foot jumps. Once in a while you’ll get some big ones over 2 feet and jump to about 6 feet over the waves,

San Marcos has a gypsum mine. We visited the town next to the mine yesterday with Rick from s/v Regardless. We took our dinghy down to the harbor with some spare gas as we have run out twice before, but just a matter of repositioning the level of the fuel tank. No trouble this time, but with three of us and some gear in the dink we couldn’t get up on a plane. This is a company town of about 400 people. We noticed a rather large catamaran near the boat launch as we come close to the loading pier. We tied up at a small panga dock where three young men were cleaning fish. There was some pure white dust coming off the conveyor belt that was blowing inland. We headed to the church and stopped at a small tienda on the way. They didn’t have much so we asked about another tienda and he said the grande one was past the church a bit with directions and there were only two in town. Rick was better at Spanish than we were. We stopped at the church, but it was locked up, but one of the windows was open so took a picture. The store was nearby and open so stopped there. Fairly large and well stocked. This is the company store so no alcohol. A lot less problems they say because of it. We didn’t want to carry watermelons around with us so promised ourselves to come back later. We hiked up near the baseball fields it looked like and an auditorium/gym. Most houses looked pretty good with air conditioning turned on and we didn’t see any meters, just straight to a breaker box and into the house from the main power wires. There were several Mexican Chihuahua dogs barking from the houses protecting their property with friendly people. We headed back to the tienda for cold drinks and maybe an ice cream bar. Families were walking our way with their bags of groceries, one kid with a watermelon. We got to the store and one door was locked, the other was unlatched, we headed in but the store was closed until 2pm a manager said. It was 12:15pm, darn. We next headed to the town waterfront with a nice breeze and some guys waiting for a boat to head into Santa Rosalia with a palapa covering. We decided not to wait for the store and headed back to the boat near the shore with the dinghy. As we got closer to the boats mobleys started jumping again.

Today was Sunday, so I did the Amigo marine band net starting at 8:10am as net controller. Rhapsody (Alan and Laura) checked in from near Manzanillo headed to Puerto Vallarta. They have a starter that works now and plan to do the Pacific Puddle Jump across to the Pacific in March 2014 from PV. Other boats checking in were Exodus, Dazzler, Beyond Reason, Islania, and Interabang

Santa Rosalia Sunday 7-7 we arrived, has a fairly large harbor with room to anchor in and two marinas. One the town marina is fairly crowded and Fonatur has a marina with about 20 slips. The town marina is about half the price. Fonatur is having problems, so no fuel in the tanks, no hot water, no toilet paper or hand towels in the restrooms or showers, no electricity to the hand dryers, no chemicals to the pool or hot tub that isn’t hot so they are chained off. This one doesn’t have a tienda on site but a couple of blocks away. Across the street from the store is a Pemex station that recently has had water problems in the fuel, so people from the marina walk a few more blocks to another one towards town. Email works pretty good. Fonatur is about four blocks from the main part of town. Produce comes in on Thursday based on a couple of checks we did at stores. This town was a copper mining town starting in the 1860’s then built by the French later after taking over most of the mines. The church Inlesia Santa Barbara is well known for its architect, Gustave Eiffel of Eiffel Tower fame. The steel church was originally in Brussels when it was purchased by the mining company, then disassembled and shipped across the globe to Santa Rosalia, where it was reassembled in 1897. It is still in use today. The mine is opening back up again with now Korean backers so lots of people are heading to this area in hopes of employment.

We had dinner the second night in town with Dazzler (Dan and Kimberley) Chara (Bob) at Restaurant Terco’s Pollito which is well known for their rotisserie chicken and creamy squid dip. Another claim to fame is its three air conditioners, and pictures with artifacts from the mining days. Nearby, closer to the church is Chuyitas Hotdogs with bacon wrap normally and the works. They were out of bacon when we stopped one evening.

We re-provisioned in town at several stores. The bakery is supposed to be world famous but I didn’t think too good. It has been in business since the mining days about 1901 as I remember. Mexican bakeries usually don’t have any artisan bread. French baguettes seem to be the claim to fame for Panderia El Boleo. We headed out of town on Thursday to Isla San Marcos. Just out of the harbor we caught a 30 inch dorado, stopped the boat to clean and fillet it, then caught a 27 inch dorado a few minutes later after starting up again. This one was caught on the wood plug we have using a pole, which was a first. A pelican landed on our boom looking for treats from the fish cleaning. We put the lines out again but nothing happened, which was OK with us. We didn’t realize until talking with other boaters that speed is important with dorados. In the past we’ve been going too slow either sailing or motoring. They like 6 to 7 1/2 knots is what we’ve heard.

We were headed to an anchorage north of Sweet Pea Cove and noticed no boats so called out to other boats at Sweet Pea. They said they had bee problems north and moved south to Sweet Pea with no problems. We took up anchorage at Sweet Pea near s/v Sea Note. Water visibility is not great here. We have been visited by scouts (bees) looking for water. A few times they have found water. Our middle cockpit drain traps water slightly and we used fresh water to clean the cockpit when we cleaned the fish. Our dinghy sponge also wasn’t dry enough and had some fresh water residue. We didn’t get a swarm but about 15 bees showed up for a while until I flushed both with salt water.

Water temps have been in 78.5 F or so, air today was 80 F and humidity about 76 to 78% in the morning, starting out. Dan just stopped by with their dinghy and headed out for dorado. He caught an 8 pounder yesterday. A few days ago several guys tried their hand at spearfishing in a group but came up empty handed. Visibility still wasn’t that good even way further north at the top of the island.

We’ll stay the night here, then head into Fonatur where we’ve paid for seven nights with three left to go, we get the weekly rate that way which is about 1 day free. Then head north to Bay of Los Angeles. Radio Net on morning of 7-15-13 was the best ever, We heard everyone very well, close and far. Later as we were coming into Santa Rosalia we heard VHF very clearly from San Carlos area about 71 miles away.

7-16-13 Now in Fonatur Marina in Santa Rosalia, we arrived on the 15th at 4:47pm. Sailing was so good we just sailed from Sweet Pea Cove to here. The plan was to motor and catch more dorado. 9 sailing, 2 motor, 12 to 15 kts of wind on a reach or broad reach, except as we got close to shore the wind died. Trip miles are 3726 since Seattle, Total boat Engine hours are 2725.3, when we left Seattle they were 2336.6 on Sept 20, 2012, so 388.7 Engine hours used for the trip so far. Several boats have come in today from Sweet Pea Cove. Dazzler, Drifter, Exodus and Lady Carolina. Humidity was 44% earlier this morning then climbed to 78% by morning net time of 7:30am. We went out to a Chinese Restaurant last night with s/v Voyager (Bill & Julie) Catalina 470 # 11; Entre Nous (Kevan) Tayana Vancouver 42 1984; Sea Angel (Brian and Nancy) Catalina 42 Mk II 2006.

Steve and Judy

s/v Code Blue

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