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s/v Code Blue – Whale Shark Swim 8-10-13 August 10, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.

From Bay of LA we went south by sail to La Mona about 5 miles looking for whale sharks. A dive guy we were talking to in BLA said they tried to find them with their dive boat the day we were talking to him and came up empty handed. We talked to Pitt of s/v KhamaSeas and he thought we could find them. We anchored in 22 feet and looked with binoculars quite often with no results. The end of the bay is quite wide with a couple of miles from La Mona side (east) to the Gecko side which is west. The next day Ken of Drifter and Kevan of Entre Nous came to the same area. That night a whale shark with major bio-luminescence swam right next to Kevan’s 42 foot boat about 10pm and was about ¾’s the length of it. He said you could see the whole fish as it went by due to the sparkles in the water.

The next morning after the nets we took the dinghy and our snorkel gear toward the Gecko side. Nothing for all the way over, then just as we were ready to give up and talk to a local in a boat we saw some fins in the water and there were several of them. Five whale sharks, what looked like 25 to 30 footers, were swimming around in the water. We called Kevan on the radio and let him know right away. I jumped in as I couldn’t get Judy to jump in first. They looked big and scary and a little intimidating to say the least she thought. The first one was a bit not so friendly and swam off and I couldn’t keep up. Judy picked me up, we headed to another one. The second one was very friendly, came right up to me then took off as he was interested in food. Then he came back around in a 30 foot circle and was swimming slower right near me. She got some video that has some good shots in it. Judy was impressed and thought she’d try. She slid into the water and made friends too. This was her first encounter with whale sharks in the water. After several more swim bye’s we got back in the dinghy. The water was getting rough from the increase in wind and the whale sharks were heading out of the area up north. We headed back to the boat and met up with Kevan in his dinghy. But it was too late, so he came back too. We are on land here in B of LA and forgot our connection cord to down load pictures. So will have to send these later.

The next day we (Kevan, Judy and I) hiked around the houses of La Mona. Didn’t find anyone home but got a nice 3+ mile hike in. We headed back to our boats toward evening and s/v Lungta (Tibetan meaning Wind Horse) She’s a 1970 ferro-cement 70 footer as I remember, built in Everett with Dan and Kathy came into the anchorage too. The next morning Dan and Kathy came by in their dinghy. We gave them a tour of our boat, talked about our travel plans, then went to their boat and got a tour. They are from Portland. Most of their battery system is 24 volt. Even with 1400 watts of solar panels they still don’t have enough power and usually run their generator some each day. Fridge and freezer are well insulated but very large and very old (read original systems). He’s had the boat for 7 years they have been a couple for 5 years and he retired from Xerox. She quit X to sail.

We left the anchorage and headed back to B of LA. Mostly going grocery shopping and Internet for a bit, then heading north to Refugio about 40 miles. Lucy’s place (Guillermo’s) still doesn’t have a high speed Internet, so here we are at Costa del Sol’s.

We are at 3901 NM for the trip so far. Weather is a bit cooler at night, 75 F last night.

Steve and Judy

Bay of LA



1. Capt.JerrySte - August 11, 2013

Looking forward to pictures and video.


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