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Code Blue – Back to B of LA 8-11-13 August 11, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
Bay of LA

Bay of LA

Thanks Mike B. for the Help. – -sd


OK, now back at the boat and I realize Lungta is 70 feet over all length, 60 feet on deck, 18.5 beam, 9.8 draft, 124,000 pounds just to correct and set things straight. Weather is calm here in B of LA this morning. We had hot wind from the west but only up to 14 kts last night. Lucy’s place now does not have a working internet at all now.

Picture is of the village entrance at the south end of Bay of Los Angeles with Judy. Well we have two videos of whale sharks but no way to capture a single picture, movie is 105 MB so too big to transfer. The one picture of a whale shark I took is not very good, just water with a bit of ripple.

Costa del Sol Internet is not working so came up further north to a small grocery and an Internet shop. It’s about the same speed. Judy took two video pictures and they are way big 105 MB and she doesn’t know how to get a single picture from the video and way too big to send from here. Next stop is Puerto Refugio it looks like with some stops on the way. Sorry about the whale pictures that didn’t come out.

Download Speed: 44 KB/sec transfer rate

Upload Speed: 27.9 KB/sec transfer rate Wow, this is much faster than even Costa del Sol. I can even open my regular Gmail account.

Steve and Judy

Bay of LA



1. Mike Sinclair - August 12, 2013

Image from video:

Re: single image from video – get Microsoft’s free MovieMaker and use the SnapShot feature to save a single image.

Other free and useful packages:

IrfanView – free image processing, multi file conversion, etc, etc
Microsoft ICE – free panorama stitcher – works great!
SNS-HDR – free HDR processor from your camera. Try it – you’ll be amazed.

Good luck


2. Capt.JerrySte - August 12, 2013

Steve and Judy,

Search the web for video frame capture. Lots of hits and advice. Hapoy to hear you guys are doing wrll!

Jane is moving to Bellingham on Thursdsy (her birthday). She’ll be cliser to her daughter and granddaughter.

Be safe and keep the news coming,


3. Marie & Greg - August 12, 2013

Hmmm…I’m wondering if your excuse for “not able to get a single photo from video” might just be a good fish story like “the huge one that got away.”!!! Swimming with the sharks does make for spinning a good yarn. What an adventure to share. Marie

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