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s/v Code Blue – La Gringa Full Moon Party August 22, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
One of the Winners - 4 Canadian Boys on a raft with sails

One of the Winners – 4 Canadian Boys on a raft with sails — Best Use of Boat Parts

8-20-13 Nine boats were at the potluck last night in Puerto Don Juan for a Full Moon Party.

True Blue V Craig & Leanne

Lungta Dan & Kathy

Sea Note Ray & Chigaila

True Companion Gravel & Natalie

Code Blue Steve and Judy

Entre Nous Kevan

Drifter Ken

Sara M Alan

Take Five Don Searunner 31’ 1977 Trimaran

In talking with Don he was the one that was up in Puerto Refugio near us but we didn’t know it until we left when he came out an hour later or so. He was over in West Bight and stopped by to visit us in his kayak but our dinghy was up on the side of the boat and he didn’t want to disturb us. His excuse for not using his radio is he’s a single sailor and the radio wasn’t needed. He came up a day after we did. We had a good time at the potluck and nice to meet everyone. Mary of s/v Iver said she’d stop by to visit but not eat, but never did. We gave her tide info for the next few days after the potluck, as she plans on cleaning and painting her hull, after the party. Winds kicked up to 20 knots in the anchorage for about 40 minutes starting about 10:10pm. We saw lightning flashes off in the distance but they never came close. No coyote noises or anything.

8-22-13 14 boats showed up for the FULL MOON party last night 8-21 at a place north of BLA about 6 miles at a place called Ensenada La Gringa. It has two lagoons that come out together when the tide is high. There was about a 10 foot tide in this case. People fix up people float contraptions of one kind or another such as a bunch of beer cans glued together in the form of a seat, or a raft made from wood, sails, & rope, camp chairs with float fenders & decorations and the like. They go to the inside of the lagoon and the outgoing current takes them past the beach area like a parade. We didn’t understand what was going on as we thought people drag the floaties behind the dinghy and paraded around in the lagoon while looking at birds and the like. We didn’t have people floats set up for us so we watched from shore. The parade was about 4pm with several contest categories. Dinner potluck was about 6:30pm. We used surfboards and paddle boards for serving tables. We miss not having our camp chairs with us, like most of the others have. We had seat cushions instead.


1 True Companion Gravel, Natalie

2 True Blue Craig, Leanne

3 Sea Note Ray, Chicgaila

4 Drifter Ken

5 Entre Nous Kevan

6 Lady Carolina Steve, Caroline, Kyle, Joel

7 Exodus Tim, Deanne, Brenden, Alex

8 Mai Tai Roa Alex, Sue – Trawler

9 KharaSeas Pitt

10 Interabang Derek, Trisha

11 Slipper Dave, Laurie

12 Letitgo Laurant, Valerie, Benjamin

13 Code Blue Steve, Judy

14 Odyssey Ken, Danita

We got back to the boat a little after 9pm. The moon took a while to show up, 45 minutes late, due to clouds on the horizon but had a nice orange color at first when it did show up. There were about three boats a few miles away that didn’t make it to the party.  We’re at the small store and email is working fine for me at 2pm but Judy is having major problems. She took off to Costa del Sol. Store is now closed but the owner said the internet will work until 4pm. We’re headed to Guaymus on the mainland but Sat. thru Monday are having heavy winds from the south. We may go part way. Probably over a week to 10 days before you hear from us again.

Steve and Judy

La Gringa & Bahia de los Angeles

– s / j –



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