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s/v Code Blue – San Carlos 8-30-13 August 31, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
Tetakawi Mountain ( Tetas de Cabra) stands prominent in San Carlos area

Tetakawi Mountain ( Tetas de Cabra) stands prominent in San Carlos area

8-30-13 San Carlson Marina. We had a fairly nice motor from BLA to Isla Partida for 24 miles and overnight stay, then to San Carlos was 134 miles with 37 of them sailing, so 158 total. Another two boats, Slipper and True Companion left Puerto Don Juan a day later by a southern route and got slammed just before coming into San Carlos with 45 knot Chubasco storm that we also felt inside the marina. Heavy rain with it too. Slipper with Dave and Laurie are now safe right next to us in the marina here. They were too tired to go to the party/potluck on Pied a Mer III that night over at Marina Real. As they had just come in from the crossing and were pooped due to the storm.

We were picked up at the dinghy dock at 5:45pm and driven over. S/V Viva was on the same dock when we got there but he was up visiting on a trip to the states. Pied a Mer is a 38’ cat made in Australia by Seawind, an 1160 with 2010 vintage. They are now made in Viet Nam along with Corsair tri’s, for the largest maker of multihulls for the recreation market, Eric and Pam on board. About 20 people at the party with Hunter from Heavy Metal celebrating his birthday of about 9 years.

After much needed sleep by the crew, I toured s/v Slipper, a Hans Christian 41, 1988 with Dave and Laurie, then they toured Code Blue. (They were at the Full Moon party.) Judy was doing laundry during this time. I showed them the different LED light options that are available as they have none at this point. They have a lab on board who usually goes on a green mat after three days when on long passages.

They have a net here now on VHF 74 at 8am. We took the only bus, 12 pesos for about 15 miles, in San Carlos (5,000 Pop.) over to Guaymas (130,000 Pop.) last night to check on the Fonatur facility. Surprise, they had toilet paper and paper towels in the restrooms. Only one absent owner boat in the marina, so plenty of room for us when we get there. It was 7pm and a guy was in the office still but didn’t speak much English. He didn’t know the rate etc.

Finding the bus location pickup back to San Carlos was a chore. We got dropped off on a one way street and didn’t see where the return route was after the bus took off. On the way back we stopped at the church and people said go to the OXXO store, but buses weren’t stopping by there, so then walked another block to a main bus area. This is where the statues of the three presidents that are from Guaymas are located. After half an hour and not our bus we asked around and about 4 blocks up is another main station. We got to the cross road and grabbed an ice cream bar, then kept going and saw our bus come into the station but up further a block away it stopped. As I jumped on I confirmed it was the San Carlos Marina bus. We finally made it back here about 8pm. We had dinner then took showers. Water was cool at first then got warmer even on just the cold side.

We met up with Slipper (Dave and Laurie) and True Companion (Gravel and Natalie) for lunch today as they are near us on our dock. Australia was the subject for some time as Gravel and Natalie are from there. Dave and Laurie are from the Rouge River area so river rafting and such came up for a while since I used to be a river guide for many years as a hobby with the BEWET Club from Boeing and they were into rafting too. We stayed in San Carlos for another day.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is Judy’s Birthday. We plan to move to Guaymas at the Fonatur Marina which is near Marina Seca Guaymas which is a haul out storage area. We had a bit of breeze until about 10:30pm tonight. 88 F and 76% humid just now as I check the boat.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue

– s / j –



1. Jerry Stephenson - September 13, 2013

Belated Happy Birthday to Judy. Sounds like you’re meeting lots of nice people from all over the world.

I ordered a new high tech headsail from Ullman Sails for Margo yesterday. Delivery in March… Need to make some small rig changes as well.

NW Harvest race on the 28th. Looking forward to that.

Jane moved back to Bellingham on 15 August. She’s nearer to her daughter and granddaughter. She came down Monday, stayed overnight then took some more of her stuff up to B’ham on Tuesday. She seems to be getting settled in OK.

Be safe and keep the news coming.


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