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s/v Code Blue – Guaymas & Mass. Area 9-12-13 September 13, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
OK - this is not really Guaymas,  but a Stage Coach at Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts

OK – this is not really Guaymas, but a Stage Coach at Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts

8-31-13 We sailed some to Guaymas and got to the Fonatur Marina. No one was around and we could not get out as the gate was locked. I tried my boat horn and finally a guy that was walking tried to get a guard but could not find one. Finally I yelled at a guy in the parking lot leaving and he got a guard. The guard gave us his key and we were able to take showers and such. The office was closed as they usually leave early on Saturdays we found out but the sign says until 5pm. The recommended restaurant Barco’s, was closed for good, so we ended up going to a place called Chulas near the church­­­­­­. A bit like Denny’s but Mexican. This was for Judy’s birthday celebration.  (Editors note: Denny’s for birthday, sounds so so romantic 🙂 )

A sailboat that was in the marina gave us the WiFi code on Saturday. The next day we checked in on Sunday the first. We started working on getting the boat ready for haul out even more. On the fourth we motored to Maria Seca Guaymas. The Fonatur place was slow to check out as our key deposit was locked up by the person we checked in with and they were late arriving and no one else would give us our deposit back. They said it would be ten minutes, finally about 50 minutes later we were able to check out and head for the haul out. No problems hauling out but kind of a slow process getting up to a grassy spot.

A chubasco and a half came thru last night on 9-4-13. I saw 49+ knots on our wind gauge several times for ½ hour or so with sand blasting our eyes carried by the wind. Then they came down to 30ish for an hour or so. Heavy rain came down after a while with lightning and thunder. Our boat shook quite a bit in the wind. Another storm came in around midnight but only up to 30 knots. Gabriel the owner came by about 7am with a guy and snugged up our standoff supports. One was so loose the rug part flew away. Another changed by about 5 inches on the boat position. Later Arnulfo came by and he replaced the missing rug piece. We checked a friends boat too with Arnulfo. One stand was loose just a bit. Their boat is in the middle of a row of boats as the wind came from their port side (east) so they have protection from the other boats. Ours is the next row south of them uphill. No boat at this point is east of us so we got the full brunt of the wind. When I was adjusting the stands with Arnulfo he said two weeks ago the winds got up above 70 kts. I’m wondering if that was when a tornado came thru in the bay. There is a 1930 sailboat out there in the bay without a working engine and he said a first ever tornado came thru and put his 44,000 pound 42 foot sail boat on its side for a while. Don’t know if it was related to the storm Arnulfo was talking about. It didn’t last very long and his anchor held. I saw a big blue bag come thru last night on the ground but can’t find it this morning. It looked like a sail bag but I couldn’t tell for sure and couldn’t find it in the morning.

s/v Destiny got wrangled up with a smaller sailboat that dragged a mooring ball into Destiny’s prop. It took 3 dinghys to get it off during the storm. This was over in San Carlos that we heard on VHF Ch 74.

I went into town and got some boxes and stuffing material for shipping our transmission and some books. We couldn’t find a Parcel Post type store. Finally he found the FedEx and DHL office but they didn’t have anything except a box at FedEx. We went to a Mexican shipping place and they had some boxes, foam peanuts in a bag and some boxes. We were pretty busy getting the boat tidied up for storage, then the taxi came at 8:30pm. We went to the Tufesa bus station for an 10pm pickup that arrived about 10:10pm. Plenty of room with several stops, then Mexican army check, stop to wash the bus for 20 minutes, then US customs, Tucson, and finally Phoenix arrived at 10am. The taxi driver didn’t know of any parcel post stores, so he ended up taking us to the US Postal Store. That didn’t do any good, so then he took us to the UPS store that had a Customer Service Center. That worked great we got our boxes shipped and one of them repackaged, then to the La Quinta hotel near the airport, $47 dollars later. The La Quinta was great. They have a shuttle to the mail, Arizona Mills, also to restaurants and pickups anytime. We went to the mail, did some shopping then went to Claim Jumper for a steak dinner. They picked us up and took us back to the room. We jumped in the pool. In the morning we had their breakfast with waffles for free, then the shuttle to the airport for our flight to Boston.

We thought we’d stay around Boston and do the Freedom Trail, but ended up in Natick, Judy’s Home town, as it was Sunday and they were having a Foodie Truck Festival. Kind of like a food tasting event from trucks that tour around. We checked out Judy’s old schools, library, pond were she learned to swim, her house where she grew up. The owners were home and even gave us a tour, but newly remodeled. Even the basement was finished. We stayed in Natick. Then the next day we went to Marilyn and Bob’s in Sudbury, not far from Natick. We visited and from there took the MBTA, also known as the T into Boston and did the Freedom Trail, Old South Meeting house, Old State House, Paul Revere’s house, tour by guide along the trail, Old North Church, USS Constitution, Ferry ride to town, several buildings where liberty and removal of taxation from England was started, like the Boston Tea Party. Just a point of info, there were about 35 to 40 riders that the regulars (British) were coming, as everyone was British back in that day.

Next stop is Palmer, where Martha and Bob live, toward the west about 70 miles from Boston and 70 miles from the western border. Judy went to high school with Martha for many years. Well we thought in the north it would be cooler but Boston area had a heat wave yesterday of 97 F for a high with high humidity. 85F is supposed to be the high today, so coming down now. We’re headed to a village that reenacts life in the 1830’s, called Old Sturbridge Village on 9-12-13. Senior month so only $11 to get in. We spent the whole day touring around, buildings, blacksmith, cooperage, barns, pottery, printer and such. One interesting fact in the printing press, capital letters were kept in the upper case, regular letters were kept in the lower case box. That’s how they became known as upper and lower case letters.

Tomorrow 9-13 we’re headed to New Hampshire for a few days tour. Eventually we’ll get to the 50th year High School reunion with everyone for Natick.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue

–  S / J –



1. John and Daleen Reed - September 15, 2013

Hi loved your pictures and adventures

John and Daleen

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