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s/v Code Blue – Seattle to Guaymas Oct 21 – Nov 3rd November 3, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.

10-29-13 Tues.

We’re back at the boat in Guaymas, 260 miles south of the border. We flew from Seattle to Phoenix on Oct 21 then rented a Chevy Cruze car from Fox Rental. We asked for an economy and they offered to upgrade us to Compact for so many dollars more, but we weren’t interested. They ended up giving us the compact Chevy Cruse anyway for no charge as they didn’t have any economy models. I was a bit worried of the fuel MPG usage so took it easy on the pedal. We thought we would be going into Nogales, MX to drop Judy off and clear customs but it was a big hassle and no Mexican insurance available after the car rental started. The Cruze has an MPG gauge built in, but we didn’t know how to reset it for quite a ways into the rental. Anyway with the Cruze we got 45 miles to the gallon and I topped it really good at Costco for $3.05 a gallon. Going across the border I’ll tell you toward the end as that was a major concern with 325 pounds worth of many dollars of sail gear for the boat.

From Boston area we flew to Seattle and got to visit with many of our friends and family. We still had to work in many doctor visits for annual checkups, body, eyes, ears, teeth plus running around visiting and getting boat parts. Then there are the clubs we wanted to see friends at too. We made it to Seattle Singles YC annual NW Harvest Dance and fund raiser and several meetings; Puget Sound Cruising Club (PSCC) meeting got there late by 40 minutes due to selling our Honda Civic in one day on Craigs list. We also met up with some members of PSCC with a party on Bainbridge Island and another with cruising friends at a home.

Finally on the 21st of October we flew to Phoenix and stayed with a friend from SSYC and a couple that Judy has known for a long time going back to Nursing School in New Hampshire and snow skiing. Last minute internet shopping, arrival of our rebuilt transmission by overnight air, and parts shipped to the local West Marine store from other WM locations made it just in time on Friday, as our bus on Tufesa to Guaymas was on Monday.

Our car rental return was by 2:30pm, then taxi to the Tufesa bus station were we thought we would be catching the 10pm bus where we found out 85 lbs per person was the limit and 75 cents per pound over that. They weighted everyone’s baggage. On the way north we didn’t see any indication of a limit and they didn’t weigh anything. We met an older mother and father with their 40+ yo daughter as escort. We found out from them there was an executive bus at 11pm that allowed 120 pounds per person with WiFi, movies and a lunch bag with cheese, crackers, meat slices and a bottle of water. We were more interested in the weight limit increase as only 85 dollars from the $68 we signed up for. Plus we thought we could bring to our seat bigger bags with over the seat storage. We did bring the bigger bags to our seat but they wouldn’t fit overhead, but they did fit under our seat and covered with a leg cushion board. The daughter offered to carry some weight on board but we didn’t need it after all with the driver letting us bring on board some big baggage, “as long as it would fit,” he said.

At the border we had help with our bags going thru the X-ray machine and back to the bus. It was taking a while so I headed to the immigration guy that was opening up for our visa’s. $28 each good for 6 months. Judy came over to fill her visa out. The daughter, Brenda, said our bags went thru customs with no problem. I went back over to customs, this was about 2am in the morning. The bags didn’t go thru yet. Two young customs guys asked what was all the metal and gear about. We had our transmission in a box, Torqeedo dingy electric motor, Selden top down furling system for our asymmetrical sail and a bunch of other sailboat parts. I showed him our TIP (Temporary Import Permit) and addendum where we had the above parts and serial numbers written on the back of the addendum. They asked about the transmission. I let him know that we weren’t importing the parts for sale, but putting them on the boat and then headed to the South Pacific in March of 2014. The two of them talked for a bit and asked about the green bag if it had stereo equipment or what. I explained it was an electric dinghy motor for going back and forth to shore. They nodded their heads and said they thought that would be alright. So the baggage guys loaded them back on the bus. We tipped them as then we understood they were there to make money on baggage handling. The bags on the bus at our seats never got inspected. This plan “B” turned out a whole lot easier than our plan “A “ of renting a car and taking our stuff to Nogales Tufesa bus station on the Mexican side, then leaving Judy there while I returned the car back to Phoenix, catch the bus then back to Nogales and on to Guaymas.

Getting a taxi proved to be a bit of a challenge at the bus station as others would take our taxi when it drove up to the curb. Finally we filled the trunk on one, Judy had a bag up front, the right back was filled with bags to the ceiling, then I grabbed the 40# transmission box and put it in my lap on the back left side. We didn’t have change at the boat and of course the driver didn’t have change, so he got a bigger tip than normal.

We arrived to a pretty dusty boat on the top side about 7:30am. Batteries were a bit low in five cells just at the plates. The rest of the cells were above the plates. Fine dust on the inside of the boat. Chris and Chris of s/v Scintilla invited us over for breakfast, as they were still working on their boat in the yard about 75 feet from our boat. We washed the boat down, I added battery water about 96 ounces, we put some of the clothes away, then started putting the boat back together.

Saturday Nov 2 was Marine Swap meet in San Carlos. I bought a gallon of some bottom hull paint, Pettit Trinidad just like our paint that we needed for only $154. The guy is a painter and he said it was left over from a 5 gallon can that he had. He had several colors blue and black and our red in one gallon cans. We had a gallon at Chris’ car of the same stuff but it seemed heavier. No one had a weigh scale so had to wait until I got back to the boat. A new full can weighed 22 pounds, our can weighed 17 pounds. We’re talking it back as our can is full but missing about 5 pounds of copper at least are my thoughts. Garth is the name of the guy and he has a shop in the back area of San Carlos boat storage marina in case we wanted to get back to him.

Sunday Nov 3rd doing email and paperwork. Chris and Chris are going to San Carlos for the Seahawks game as so far for wins they are doing pretty good with only one loss, but the last game was pretty ugly but still a win, that we didn’t get to see. Hope to do pictures next time. Weather here is pretty nice, 80’s during the day, low 70’s at night.

Steve and Judy

s/v Code Blue



1. Marie & Greg - November 3, 2013

Thanks for the update. Sure lonely here in SunCity after you left on Monday, Safe travels. Marie & Greg

2. cheryl jurrus - November 4, 2013

Great to see you again. Glad you made it back to boat with all that gear. Life is an adventure!

3. Jerry Stephenson - November 6, 2013

It’s always great to hear from you guys. Happy you made it back safely but it sure sounded like a hassle. It was really wonderful to see you at the NW Harvest dance that stormy weekend!

4. LarryandKaren Nelson - November 11, 2013

We remember San Carlos very well. Your stories sound pretty familiar to us. You are going to love the South Pacific. We are in NZ now for the second season. In the spring we will go to Indonesia. NZ is the best place in the South Pacific by far.

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