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s/v Code Blue – On the Hard at Marina Seca Guaymas, Getting the Boat Ready November 22, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.

To : s/v Code Blue Followers 11-21-13

View from up the mast

View from up the mast

This is some of the work list we’ve been doing for the last several weeks.

29th Tuesday had breakfast with C & C (Chris and Chris), washed the boat & solar panels, battery water, dinner at Las Chulas with internet, stopped at the Super Norte store for groceries and ice.

Wednesday 30th Cleaned and polished the plastic bimini windows, vacuumed the inside, washed the boat some more, had dinner at C&C, spaghetti, with us cooking the noodles we didn’t have enough.

31st Thursday inventoried food, I went to the store on bicycle, got ice and some groceries, I fixed the BBQ with the new parts we bought, but it took 5 hours due to slight changes in the parts. C& C had dinner over here with BBQ chicken, salad, veggies. BBQ fix is a success.

Nov 1st Friday Dinner at McDonald’s, shopping at Walmart for major cart load, 1400P. Got a hold of Lisa concerning the line tightness for our spinacker pole . We added extra line to solve the pole adjustment problem but temporary lost three bearings out of the Harken car on the track into the dirt. Found 2 fairly quickly but one waited until flashlight time to be found. Got the Harken car moving good and cleaned up the duct tape goo. Longer line on pole. Works way better.

2nd Saturday Marine Swap meet took up most of the day. Helped C&C with battery carrying to a dinghy, had lunch at Los Arbolitos in San Carlos. Judy not feeling well so laid down for a while. Had steak dinner. Bought rescue lights $2, bottom hull paint was 2000P from Garth.

3rd Sunday, Seahawks vs Tampa Bay 12:30

4th Monday Up the mast to clean tape stripes from Electrical tape residue, Food inventory, cleaned stainless steel on port side mostly, Hard reset on Magnum Energy worked until night time. Rocna anchor setup on bow. Pole locked on mast and longer line

5th Tuesday Magnum Energy needs to be reset again. Made call to Dean Clark about noon, it was working fine but not earlier this morning. We did some updates to the remote and before I called him the unit was working good. Reorganized settee and put J clothes way. Vacuumed some. Filled propane and got 4 liters of gasoline in dinghy tank. Ice for cooler.

6th Wednesday Loaded Skype on HTC Inspire phone, did receipts, Garth attempt to return bottom hull paint.

7th Thursday Cleaned, washed clothes, battery equalize for 1 hr 40 min. with no change in readings it seemed.

8th Friday went to San Carlos and took back the red Pettit Trinidad paint to Garth as it weighed 17 lbs, instead of 22 like a new can should. Judy washed some of the ropes as they were quite dirty. I hung them out to dry. Set one up in soapy water.

9th Saturday picked up the rugs and clamps from Brian. Clamps are borrowed.

10th Sheets and halyards

11th Sheets and halyards

12th Cleaned boom. Polish and Wax. Sheets and halyards cleaning

13th Cleaned mast, Polish s/s rails and stanchions, sheets and halyards, cleaning

14th Wax ¾ of mast, radar, reflector and shrouds, ordered Hypalon fabric, Polish s/s rails, windlass, and stanchions, antenna dielectic, Polished some of the mast and shrouds.

15th Ran clean halyards thru the mast. Put in an order for some LED lights to be delivered to Tucson. Finished waxing the mast and shrouds.

16th Put in more halyards, pulled the green halyard to be cleaned. Constant distress calls on the VHF all night long. Nord Reliable, bulk carrier turned out to be the problem for false calls.

17th Seahawks day. We’re riding with Steve and his cousin Jeff of s/v Wanderer I of Vancouver BC, a 1981 Morgan 462 than needs some help. We pick up Chris and Chris of s/v Scintilla now at Fonatur as they were put back in the water on Saturday the 16th, we’ll miss our yard buddies. From Guaymas we head to San Carlos. Steve and Jeff are into Nascar but we can’t find any TV’s with it on. We have breakfast at Barcadaros a restaurant near the marina water and part of the hotel, two sets of eggs Benidict for under $10. We head to the game at Club Capitanes. Steve and Jeff listen to Nascar on satellite radio. Finally the game starts. Seahawks win over Vikings.

11-18-13 Main sail up on the mast, met with Mike Ayers and Janet of s/v Volante, shopping for food, dinner at Pearle Orienta

11-19-13 Boat organized in forward area. Cleaned outside deck of dirt and dust. Did an eye spice on the green line as it had mast pulley chafe worn thru, Damon for s/v Gia help a lot on the eye splice. Inventory and listing info for port settee area.

11-20-13 Mended the Jib and put the jib up on the headstay, mended the asymmetrical sail, fixed various bags and made the handles shorter on the bags. Washed the furling line for the main.

11-21-13 Washed the furling line for the main sail, other end, mounted the Ultra anchor on the bow, cut off a chain link as the last link was kind of rusty, did some sanding on the rudder, skeg and keel. Discovered we don’t have our paint spray masks with us or coveralls. Need to go to Home Depot, also addemdum to our Temporary Import Permit. Dug into the quarter berth for sand paper, sander, paint rain coat, need coveralls and masks.

To Do List Before Launch

1) Clean ropes, fabric softener, install in boat Mostly done by 11-21

2) Clean and wax mast, wax radar and reflector 14 & 15th

3) Put up sails main up 11-18, Jib up 11-20

4) Install and rig asymmetrical Top Down furler

5) Wax hull

6) Echo charger install or check fuse on old one.

7) Reinstall Life Raft with snap clips, sun rot on handles.

8) Sand bottom hull Started rudder, skeg and SB keel, need paint masks from Home Depot

9) Paint bottom coat two times.

10) Oil Change to engine and filters, do at Fonatur after launch.

Sold the Honda Civic in one day up in Seattle, we were late for the PSCC meeting that night, Car not washed all the way, that’s why driver door doesn’t look so good.

Picture of Tom P. from SSYC, stayed at his place, Tom working on remodel of his house in Paradise Valley near Phoenix.

Kart Racing with Greg in Phoenix, These electric carts are fast. We did two sessions of about 12 to 14 laps.

Yardview from mast top in Guaymas

Mastview at Guaymas in the yard. Good views when you climb the mast.

Eye splice repair with help from Damon of s/v Gia. For years we’ve been carrying around this bad line, finally got it repaired. Also got some tips and electronic booklet from Mike B.

Battery Replacement Story coming up.

Steve and Judy

Steve and Judy



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