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s/v Code Blue – Merry Christmas December 19, 2013

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2013.
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year From Steve & Judy

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year From Steve & Judy

Code Blue Followers, 12-19-13

We finally released ourselves from the Guaymas area and motored 125 nm, and sailed 7 nm to Puerto Escondido, on the Baja side near Loreto, we’re on our way to La Paz, hopefully before Christmas. We had some more wind we could of sailed but it was on our nose and up to 24 knots for several hours. I chose to keep motoring so Judy could sleep better. Here’s a Christmas picture from Code Blue with Santa hats while at the docks of Fonatur in Guaymas.

Code Blue has a new Christmas present we finally started using today, a Torqeedo electric dinghy motor. On high speed if you want to call it that I do about 4.5 kts, We moored out at Escondido and used 2% of the battery power to get in to the docks with this motor. Very quiet and easy to handle. I’m charging it up at the restaurant along with the computer as I work on this email. The main thing we like is the light weight of this motor assembly. It weighs about 28 pounds, battery is one part, motor and shaft is another and the handle so it was very easy for Judy to put together on the dinghy and 14 pounds is the heaviest piece. Also it is fast to setup on the boat. No motor davit with block and tackle as with our larger 9.8 hp engine that weighs 83 pounds in one lump plus a fuel can of up to 45 pounds.

Enclosed is a picture of Code Blue just before setting her in the water with the travel lift that had problems. Originally we were set to launch on Saturday the 14th but it took longer to rebuild the motor due to water pump, starter solenoid, alternator service. Finally on Sunday, 15th about 11:05am they launched us but they still had a major engine oil leak as the gasket material didn’t hold too well and the starter button would not function. At Fonatur I did some teak oiling and finish work (Teak and Teak2 pics) while Judy did massive amounts of laundry. While in the yard Judy also did all the hull cleaning and waxing by hand. See JudyShine and Shine1 pictures, note the high gloss and reflections on the hull. You can see some hull shine on the, waterEntry, picture too.

We are in Puerto Escondido on a mooring and there are only 8 boats in the harbor part that can hold more than a hundred boats. More boats are in the window area but not many active dinghies with them, so boats with the owners are elsewhere.

Anyway we just wanted to say Merry Christmas and if we don’t get back to you before New Years, Happy New Years too. Things are going along great, weather has been pretty good, 80+ today. Almost no rain, but I notice a few sprinkles now and then tonight.

Steve and Judy Dauzenroth

s/v Code Blue, Puerto Escondido




1. Lynne Reister - December 19, 2013

Hey you Guys!
I LOVE reading the S/V Code Blue News.
(I can’t tell If I already sent a Comment!
I just spent 3 weeks in Cabo – Relaxing..
What so you think of Loreto. Folks say it is a lot like Cabo years ago.

Did I forget something? Did you need to rebuild the motor?

Merry Christmas!

Much Love, Lynne
Your Surveyor

2. Lynne Reister - December 19, 2013

Good Going an on the SUPER WORK, and OH_SO_SHINEY!!!

3. Becky - December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy NY from Carpinteria, on the dry. I know I need to send pics of Charlie. He’s a real keeper. We only have wi-fi at cafe or library. I’ll work on it. Most pics are on iPhone. Sounds like all is good with you. Hope you get a good holiday meal. We do chile verde Christmas morning-yummy! Take care.

Sent from my iPhone

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