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Boat Guest on s/v Scintilla February 21, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.
New "Crew"  on s/v Scintilla

New Guest “Crew” on s/v Scintilla

To Code Blue Followers, 2-21-14

Friends of ours, Chris and Chris on s/v Scintilla are just down the dock from us at Paradise Village Resort, a few minutes away. They came back to their boat and saw this “Guest” on their boat the other day. They’re thinking about locking up better for portlights and the like. Before, we’ve heard of cockroach problems, especially eggs in cardboard and such so we’re mindful of them. We’re further out on our dock so maybe not a problem with these fellas for us, but we have left our hatches open as we have good winds usually during the day and early evening.

Yesterday we did a mini run to Costco (1684 pesos about $130) of what we could carry on our backs and hand bags, and a lunch at Outback Restaurant. The day before we finally made it to the pools here. This is a large resort with pools, water slides, BBQs and such they even have a Bengal tiger raising program now with two cute cubs. I’ll see if I can send a picture of them in the future.

I’ve had problems with my Garmin wind instrument and Cobalt dive computer. We have new units coming in via friends and taking the old units out. Hopefully this will be more of a permanent fix than before. We also ordered a Maretron WSO100-1 wind instrument that we’ve heard is much better for less damage from birds and I’ve been told by both companies Garmin and Maretron that it should work and show displays properly on our Garmin Chart-plotter 740s.

Steve and Judy

s/v Code Blue



1. Moray - February 24, 2014


On the assumption that your wind instrument issue is that it wont rotate anymore, have you tried soaking it overnight in plain water. My friend did this on his and it has worked flawlessly for over a year now.
I presume it was just salt buildup in the workings.

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