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s/v Code Blue – Hopefully Itinerary But Behind Already March 29, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.
Ocean View from the masthead

Ocean View from the masthead

Code Blue Followers: 3-29-14 Saturday

Here’s our itinerary we turned into our insurance company back in February. Already we’re about 10 days behind as we haven’t left yet. Hopefully getting closer to leave.

We’re getting closer to leave but still don’t have a date. Maybe this week. This is way more work than we ever thought, getting the boat ready with problems that keep cropping up, getting groceries from various shops as no one has all the stuff you want for a 30+ day passage.
Getting spare parts in Mexico and doing radio communication with the boats that are out there is tough on a good day. Many boats have already left. I’m the Net Manager and sometimes the Net Controller for single side band (SSB) radio that can do voice and email on good days or nights usually for the boats that are doing the Pacific Puddle Jump, they call it when you cross the Pacific. Judy has been doing Net Controller one day a week usually. SSB can communicate several thousands of miles, especially at night and depends on the channels you pick, but it’s not like an open channel such as VHF. There are thousands of channels to choose from, so people have to decide ahead of time which channel and what time so they can talk to each other. Many boats are on channel at the same time so a Net Controller organizes the calls and reporting in of boat positions one at a time, and if any problems or emergencies helps with those. We’ve had a few boats start out and head back in. One was two days out and developed engine problems, so sailing back took 6 days. Another didn’t get very far and the skipper developed a toothache that wouldn’t go away, so came back and ending up pulling the tooth by a dentist today. Another developed engine problems and for a few days no engine, finally they got it fixed. They were quite far out. Their engine is running when they need it now. Several boats that left early in March have crossed the equator. One boat caught a 150 pound tuna that took 5 hours to bring in to the boat. They shared it with several other boats that were in the area.

Today was laundry day so Judy was busy with that. I was putting in a folding pad-eye on the starboard side near the steering wheel as our wheel lock is limited in how well it locks down. We’ll use a folding pad-eye on each side of the wheel with short tie-down straps to do a better job of holding the wheel is place when we use our windvane we call Heidi. In order to install the pad-eye we had to empty the quarter berth, open an access plate in the back of the quarter berth then drill and bolt the pad-eye in place. Now the pad-eye is in place but the boat is pretty torn up with gear and tools everywhere. It’s about 10pm local time and we just finished pizza. We’ll work on putting the boat back together tomorrow. Next big job is fixing the forward head toilet. It was leaking a little then stopped for a while. Now leaking on the floor when you pump the toilet a little bit again. Our holding tank got pumped out on Thursday so it should be safe to work on the toilet.

Our wind instrument was attacked by a frigate bird so I got a new base made out of aluminum but the instrument still had problems. So we got a Maretron unit that doesn’t have any moving parts and uses ultrasonic sensors to measure wind and such. It’s more of a weather station with barometer, wind direction, speed, true wind, apparent wind and such. A picture of it is below, I’ve also enclosed a picture from our boat of the ocean view we have near the top of the mast and a marina view.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Still Paradise Village Marina, near PV, MX

If you click on the “X” to close the turquoise bar that says “see more” there is a sideways scroll bar, (currently not working in Firefox)  the destinations can also be viewed full screen or downloaded & printed if you want.


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View of the Marina from the masthead

View of the Marina from the masthead

New fancy wind station

New fancy wind station





1. Russ Cudmore - March 30, 2014

Steve and Judy
Praying for your safe travel as u puddle jump across the Pacific
Stay safe enjoy the journey
Best Regards
Russ and Ginny Cudmore

2. Marie & Greg - March 30, 2014

Steve and Judy: We are thinking of you and all the work you are doing to have so much fun! Stay safe…. we’ll be waiting for the next message from you. Greg & Marie

3. Susan and Ken - April 1, 2014

Enjoy the passage you two, have a fabulous trip! Calibers are pretty good at crossing oceans. 🙂

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