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We Are On Our Way to South Pacific – Day 4 April 6, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.

Code Blue Followers, 4-6-14 Day four, 396 miles out from PV

First couple of days not much wind, then heavy wind up to 30 kts for a while. Now fluctuates from 8 up to 24 kts. Heidi our windvane was doing great but with so much change in speed the last 24 hours or so it needs help every 5 minutes or less sometimes, due to the ups and downs. 4 boobies were on our bowsprit for a while. Several over night, one was near our dodger on the lifeline, then went down to the deck and tucked his head in to sleep for the night.

98% clouds for the last two days. Solar is doing great so far but takes longer to charge up on cloudy days of course.

We talk on the HF radio net at night at 0200 UTC, which was 8pm PV time when we left on 4-2-14 at 7:55pm. I’m the Pacific Puddle Jump Net Manager. We have 6 other boats that are net controllers.

Some boats have made it already to Hiva Oa, Marquesas. Some dolphins once in a while. Boobies fly around quite often. Some boats have had to turn around. Maybe you’ve heard of s/v Rebel Heart with a sick 1-year-old girl who has had help from USCG. Another boat Wind Cutter turned around about 400 miles out due to electrical power problems. Another had a toothache problem but they weren’t very far out. Another headed back with “Change in Plans”. Another was out two days, then engine problems and took 6 days to come back by sail only. They fixed it and are back out already.

Anyway, we’re doing good. No fishing yet as freezer and fridge are still too full.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue

More info on the 1-year-old’s high seas medical rescue from CNN.com.



1. Russ Cudmore - April 6, 2014

Steve and Judy
Good to hear u r ok
Travel safe enjoy the journey
Russ and Ginny

2. Barb Emel - April 6, 2014

Steve & Judy, safe trip to the Marquesas! It took Dean & I 30 days to cross 30 years ago and we are still together! Am off for 7 weeks on a loooong walk, so it will be amazing to hear about your adventures when I return.
Barb E.

3. Diana Hoven - April 6, 2014

It’s so exciting to hear you are ACTUALLY underway to the South Pacific! It’s been a while since you left Seattle and I was beginning to wonder whether it would actually happen. Congratulations and happy sailing to you.I will follow more carefully now that I know you are on your way. Best wishes, Diana (fr. SSYC)

4. Larry Nelson - April 6, 2014

We are following your crossing. It reminds us of our own crossing. It’s a long way but somehow most make it. You will, too.

Larry and Karen
SV Panta Rhei

5. Capt. Jim on S/V Double Angel - April 6, 2014

Steve & Judy:
Fair winds and following seas.
S/V Double Angel
La Conner WA

6. solpurpose - April 7, 2014

Steve and Judy,

Glad to hear you are making good progress with no problems to talk of. Can you elaborate on why you have to make so many adjustments to the wind vane? I always through they were more of a set and forget unless you were changing your heading to the wind. What model of wind vane do you have?

captnmike - April 8, 2014

In steady and enough wind we can set and forget. Hydrovane is great. We especially like the three adjustments that can be made for high, medium and low wind speeds. When winds are light, or vary from direction, and our main problem is many ups and downs in wind speed some times 7 to mid 20’s. Usually 5 to 17 kts. I would think you’d get nice steady winds of 15 to 25 but so far not the case. We’re not in the trade winds so far and El/La Nino is acting up with a lot less trades this year we hear. Just a bit ago the winds were less than 7. Seas are good sized. Lots of flapping of the sails due to mast going in all directions due to the sea state and light winds. We chose Hydovane as it does great in an off center mounting location and we like our stern steps for water swimming and diving, dinghy access and docking when there is a dock. Easy installation and good support from Hydrovane, plus not a lot of pipes and tubing at the stern. See http://www.hydrovane.com/

Steve and Judy
sv Code Blue
Day 6 in the Pacific

solpurpose - April 9, 2014


Do you have any pictures of your installation?

s/v Sol Purpose

captnmike - April 9, 2014

I can’t remember if Steve sent any pictures of the Windvane, page back and see if some are sort of included as sort of incidental to something else is the best I can suggest at this point. I don’t remember any Posts dealing with just the Windvane, but my memory of what was in all 165 or so Posts is a bit fuzzy. (Steve & Judy generally email me their Post / Article and I put it on their web site for them, pick to best picture for the lead etc.)

I will pass on to Steve that you are interested in the Windvane installation and would like to see some pictures & such. But they are just starting the Jump and don’t expect to be around landfall and a hisgh speed internet connection for three to four weeks. They are using Sail Mail for Posting and that is text only and no attachments.

captnmike - April 10, 2014

Moray, s/v Sol Purpose 4-10-14

We may have pictures of our windvane on our blog svcodeblue.wordpress.com So you’ll just have to look around. Unfortunately we are in the beginning process of sailing to the South Pacific from PV, Mexico and only have HF radio for long distance communication, so no pictures or attachments can be sent until we get there. So far with light winds we are only averaging 100 miles a day. Even then super slow internet I hear and not sure what I have for pictures with me. Now two computers later that have conked out. We had to make up pads for the mounts on the transom took the most time plus backing plates. About 22 manhours I think that would be a lot faster for someone who had tools and better know how or who had done it before.

You can see lots of different installs on the hydrovane.com website, maybe closer to what your boat would use. John or Will might be able to have you get in touch with someone with like kind boat or install. Use a plastic light weight pipe as a model for the vertical, lot lighter and work out any mistakes for the struts.

Pole on your jib is very important for windvanes for downwind sailing.

Steve Dauzenroth
s/v Code Blue

7. Marie & Greg - April 7, 2014

Thanks for the update. How exciting to actually be “on your way”. God speed. Marie & Greg

8. Dale & Carolyn - April 7, 2014

Steve & Judy–Happy 7th Anniversary today!! And now you’re off to experience some wonderful sailing adventures. It was fun seeing you in PV with all are other sailing friends. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Be Happy and Safe!
Dale & Carolyn

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