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s/v Code Blue Position & Judy Leg Cut April 8, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.

Code Blue Followers, 4-8-14 16:12 UTC, 10:12 PV std time

Position Report now 16* 17.8’N, 114* 16.3W, 606 Miles out from PV, MX

Yesterday was our 7th wedding anniversary.

Last night Judy was putting the propane hatch closed and the latch was left up a bit, wearing shorts she snagged her left mid-calf area on the latch and cut her skin to the fat area about 2 inches long. Not a deep wound.

I was up on the foredeck putting up our pole for the jib so Heidi our windvane would do a better job of steering downwind. Eventually we put up our main too, for wing and wing with the two sails. We also tried putting up our asymmetrical sail in light winds of 6 to 8. By the time we started to put it up they started hitting 14, up to 18 kts as we were taking it back down. We have it on a furler and the bottom of the sail was flying some, so hard to get in, then the loose sail was going into the water behind me when Judy noticed it, but then it filled with water and took a while to bring back on to the deck. Oh fun, now we have a wet salty sail to try and dry out in the cabin.

Anyway Judy put on 3 butterfly strips to hold the wound closed then antibiotic and a cover bandage.

We were net controller last night but s/v Hotspur took over for us and we get to do the Pacific Puddle Jump (PPJ) net tonight instead. We start at 8pm PV time, 0200 UTC time, Frequency 8.297 USB. We’ve had some interference chatter on the frequency from some other group so have had to switch to our back up of 8.294 USB, several times. We’ve been able to talk to s/v Rhapsody early on, Roundabout II, and Sequoia on VHF. Going down in channels to 5 is better than going up to 69 for our long distance talks of 8 to 23 miles so far. This morning we can’t reach Roundabout. Rhapsody is now too far away as they pull most of their sails down at night and only go about 2 kts an hour.

So far we haven’t had to turn on our motor for electrical use since we left. We have 4 x 130 Watt hard panels for 520 watts. In the early morning depending on HF (High Frequency) radio usage the night before that can take a lot of amps when broadcasting we get down to 12.4 Volts to 12.3 V so far. It’s pretty cloudy around this area, so bright sunshine direct to the solar panels is more rare. Hopefully we’ll take a shower today as the solar water bag is out to heat up.

Fishing – So far we haven’t put out our line as our freezer is too full and same with the fridge.

HF radio Speakers – Our SP-24 ICOM speaker stopped working, the connector jack is messed up. It will click if you play with it but can’t get continuous sound from it. Our fancy speaker, a CLRspkr from West Mountain Radio, that is a DSP Audio Processor, that cost about $250 apx does not work very well for us either even when we turn the filter down to minimum. So we have several head sets that work pretty well, but both of us can’t hear at the same time.

So far our first EPIRB Beacon is not going off like it used to. We had a new back up one brought down. The first one would go into test mode several times at night and during the day. Finally Gerry from s/v Moshulu and I took it apart several times to get it to stop. It seemed to be a bad magnetic switch. Even after the fix it would do test mode several times. Maybe gravity helped us out as I thumped it down once and left it standing up. So no tests going off.

Fair winds.
Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Blog svcodeblue.wordpress.com



1. Lynne Reister - April 8, 2014

Judy, Sorry you’re hurt! You will mend!
Do not hesitate to soak that cut in Salt Water, speeds healing and is the best antibiotic – of course – we are , what? 93% salt!

Sounds like a grand adventure!
Love, Lynne

2. John & Daleen Reed - April 8, 2014

Ouch…Judy…. Hope you heal quickly and not too much discomfort… Enjoying your updates. They started re-roofing our home this morning. Sounds like you are having more fun than we are…
Be safe and know we are with you in spirit and love hearing from you.

Love, John & Daleen s/v Omega

3. John & Daleen Reed - April 8, 2014

Happy Anniversary to you both!!! Have fun and be safe!

Love, John and Daleen

4. Marie & Greg - April 8, 2014

Hey a scar to remember your 7th anniversary! That’s not very romantic. Keep it clean so it doesn’t get infected. Thanks for the update. Marie

5. Russ Cudmore - April 8, 2014

Happy Aniversary

6. pam driscoll - April 8, 2014

Happy Anniversary!!! I love hearing from you two and about your adventures! Judy, I pray you’ll heal quickly. Love, Pam

7. Larry Nelson - April 9, 2014

We are sorry to hear about Judy’s injury. Pay attention to it. The tropics are unforgiving for infections.

8. ron collins - April 10, 2014

Hey Captain Dauzy and shipmante Judy.
Happy Anniversary!
Being a nurse I am sure you can take care of that cut.
Sounds like every day is an adventure with you two.
I enjoy hearing about your fun in the sun.
I can`t wait to retire and start living!


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