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Position & Update – April 13, 2014 April 13, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.

Position – 1123 miles out from PV, MX, 1700+ to go, doing about 100+ miles a day at 12* 29.57′ N, 121* 00.4 W, We just turned over 7000 miles since leaving Seattle, Sept 20th, 2012.

Not far from another boat s/v Roundabout II, 8 miles away we can see on radar and talk on VHF radio once in a while. Sequoia is nearby and we get them on radio once in a while, but lately we get relay from Roundabout.

Still getting boobies on the bow pulpit and sometimes they land on the solar panels or dodger. I ask them to leave from the solar panels with a stick I have. One I snatched in my hands that was on the dodger and took him to the bow pulpit and set him down by the windlass. He was OK with that. They come and land at night rather than be in the water. Now only about 2 or 3 each night.

Cloudy at night, today is sunny, so we have our solar water bag out to get heated up for a shower. Some days it’s cloudy all day with some blue breaks, today is mostly sun with clouds around on the horizon. Great stars and planets at night for a few hours with the moon setting.

Judy’s working on the daily log book that we log hourly readings. The water and weather has kind of taken it’s toll on a Charlie’s Charts log book with plastic binder not doing so good. Now we have two pages in a 1/2″ 3-ring binder at a time.

I’ve had our fishing line and even our pole out most of daylight for the last 3 days with no bites. Fridge and freezer have room if we caught something.

It’s time to defrost the freezer with humidity it’s frosted up pretty good.

We catch more fish on deck with the flying fish than get caught. One landed into our top settee hatch on to the floor, while I was sleeping and found him in the morning. Tried using the 7″ fish as bait with no success. About 17 boats check in on the SSB net each night. Lots of rolling around side to side as we are down wind sailing with our jib poled out to one side or the other. Wind is 12 to 20 knots up and down, not steady. Seas can be confused or rolly. Not using the BBQ yet. We could of once when light winds and only 58 miles for the 24 hours, but Judy was fixing a stove item. So far only 22 miles of motoring in the beginning due to no wind. Judy says we’re getting into a routine and things are good. We left on the second of April about 7:55pm PV time in Mexico. Maybe we’ll have a 28 day crossing to Hiva Oa, Marquesas if this keeps up. But we have the doldrums and equator to get thru yet.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. lodestarmarine@aol.com - April 13, 2014

I’m so glad to have an update. Tell me how do these legs doing. Love Lynne

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2. Marie & Greg - April 13, 2014

Thanks fo sharing all the updates. Happy that you are able to keep in contact with other vessels much of the time. Enjoy the stars at night with no city lights to spoil them. Marie & Greg

3. Linda youngs - April 13, 2014

So proud of you out there. I hope things continue to go well. We miss you at the Riggers. Keep sailing. Linda Youngs

4. Becky and Jim H. - April 13, 2014

So good to get an update and to know the adventure is going well. How is Jud’s foot? Healing I hope. Keep em coming. Becky and Jim

5. Lyn Lewis - April 14, 2014

Really enjoying your posts-hearing how you are doing, wind, seas. Congratulations on being almost half-way! Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily. Great to hear you are near two boats we know-Sequoia and Roundabout II-please give them our admiration and encouragement as well! Our engine has arrived and we are working on installation now. We fly back to the States May 24.
Lyn and Rich, s/v Fellowship

6. pam driscoll - April 15, 2014

the flying fish sounds funny! we just had Daffy fest this last weekend which is always fun.the theme this year was Neptunes garden, so we carried fish sea creatures. our yacht club did not do well on the name that tune contest. but the dance was fun..your trip is such a dream I’m glad you are keeping us updated. you are both in my prayers for a safe journey, I love you both, Pam

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