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s/v Code Blue Update 4-17-14 April 17, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.

Thought I’d give you an update.
05* 58.9 N, 126* 53.9 W 190 COG, speed 5-6 10-20+ kts wind. 0359 UTC, course is 190M

Trip Mileage since Seattle, 7337
Miles since PV, Mexico 1700, left 4-2-14 7:55pm, about 1176 to Hiva Oa, Marquesas

We do about 120 to 130 miles on a good day.

Day 83 F, night 81 F, water temp is 80.5 F. Humidity 75% today, up to 85% others. Water gin clear. Lots of clouds and rain squalls yesterday, today 4-17 Thursday, sunny.

We are close or in the ITCZ, Inter Tropical Convergence Zone.

Caught a dorado fish 4-17, first one on this leg after 7 days of trying. Fridge and freezer were too full the first 8 days. Judy cut her leg a bit on a latch, I banged my left elbow doing a pole set on a jib gibe but doing good. Speaker jack to HF radio is not working so using our headset. A toilet leaked on a fitting but able to snug that up.

Boat rolls a lot side to side while going down wind. We’re getting a bit tired of this roll and trying not to get slammed into things. Meals and dishes are hard to fix sometimes. Feels like a washing machine at times on the inside.

Boats ahead of us are motorsailing so we’ll probably be having light winds soon.

Steve & Judy
s/v Code Blue
0307 UTC 04-18-14



1. John - April 18, 2014

Tracking your trip
Best of luck
s/v Omega

2. Marie & Greg - April 18, 2014

Thanks for all the stats and discriptions such as feels like being insdie of a washing machine! Stay safe. Marie

3. Larry Nelson - April 21, 2014

You are past the half way point. Good on ya! Enjoy the easy part of the trip. The passage to NZ is much rougher (but worth it). Get a pizza in Hiva Oa. They are different and very tasty. Do not miss Fatu Hiva or Daniels bay at Nuku Hiva.

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