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Code Blue – Equator Crossing April 23, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.

Code Blue Followers,

Crossed Equator 2029 UTC, drinks for us a bit, some Tequila to Neptune not to much, wore masks, took some pictures, nice weather then about 2:30pm PV std time. Too much wind to stop and swim.

Now at 00* 32′ S, 129* 41′ W; getting hit by rain squalls in the middle of the night every so often. 4 – 6 kts of wind with all sails up, then 25 to 30 kts and driving rain. Kind of wakes you up every four hours or so.

22 miles motoring out of Banderas Bay, then 21 miles motoring in the doldrums so far the rest is sailing.

771 miles to Hiva Oa, 2163 miles from PV, MX; course 185 M, 8040 trip miles since Seattle.

Air 81* F, Water 79* F, 85% humidity

We’ve seen the Southern Cross for some time at night, but now higher in the sky. Big Dipper can be seen but North Star I think is below the horizon or clouds on horizon cover it up. I’ve been fishing with two lines out but still only one fish so far. Another boat caught a 150 # tuna that took 5 hours to bring in on a pole.

15 to 20 boats check in on the Pacific Puddle Jump Net, 8.297, alt 8.294 at 0200 UTC.

Steve Polywog and Judy Shellback
s/v Code Blue
0942 UTC 4-23-14



1. Russ Cudmore - April 23, 2014

Congrats on crossing equator
Stay well

2. Marie & Greg - April 23, 2014

Sounds like you are making good time and enjoying yourselves. Thanks for keeping your status update. It’s much appreciated. Marie & Greg

3. Larry nelson - April 23, 2014

You are doing great. We are glad to hear it, …regularly!

4. Linda Treggett - April 23, 2014

So Steve, did you pierce your ear for the equator crossing ceremony?

5. John & Daleen Reed - April 23, 2014

Congratulations Steve & Judy!! Glad to hear from you… A huge toast to you both!! and another one when we see you in person… Great accomplishment….
Fair winds and following seas….
Two sets of our Grandkids are arriving at different times this summer for time on Omega. After they leave in July, we are headed to Barkley Sound & North into the Broughton’s and maybe further north…Can’t wait…
Love, John and Daleen

6. Lyn Lewis, s/v Fellowship - April 23, 2014

Yeah! Yippee! Congratulations on crossing the equator! Way cool! Glad to hear you are enjoying the night sky. Had lunch with Chris & Chris on Scintilla today and pot luck at Pied-A-Mer last night. We are on the hard, engine hoisted into the engine compartment today….hope to be back in the water by the weekend….. Love reading your updates.

7. Capt.JerrySte - April 24, 2014

Congrats! Now you’re both Shellbacks! Very happy to hear all is going well. Stay safe and well.

Jerry and Carolyn

captnmike - April 25, 2014

Jerry – I was always told that “Shell back” was what happened when someone poured fiberglass all over the back of your coat at when your boat was in the boatyard, am I in error?

8. Linda youngs - May 4, 2014

congratulations Steve and Judy. So glad to know you are safely in port. Best, Linda Youngs

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