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s/v Code Blue – Home Made Yogurt On the Boat May 5, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.
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We make yogurt from powered milk as we ran out about 12 days out from PV on the way to the Marquesas. We use it a lot for breakfast with granola, fruit or cereal. Out here in the hinterland there is no fresh milk or very rarely yogurt. We use UHT milk in boxes for cereal, tea and as regular milk. We don’t have a lot of room in the fridge so we make yogurt along the way as we need it.

1 1/2 Cups of regular clean water (no chlorine) to 2 cups of powdered whole milk in mixing bowl mixed up.

1 1/2 teaspoons of plain starter yogurt. Judy uses plain Greek Yogurt, needs to have active yeast with no fruit, sugar etc in it. Judy says she puts in about 2 teaspoons usually. Mix this up with the room temp water and powdered milk. You can save some of your last batch and use this as your starter instead.

You need a quart or 1 liter stainless steel thermos. Judy pours 1 1/2 Cups of boiling water into the mixing bowl stirs it up with the milk mixture. This gives you about 3 1/2 to 3 3/4 Cups of mixture. The temperature should be 120 degrees F., check before putting mixture in the thermos. If it is too hot as in this case it was 130* F, need to stir for a bit until it cools to 120* F. Next time use a little more cool water and less for boiling. Then pour it into the thermos. It depends on your room temperature water and such. When everything is mixed up and about 120* F pour into the thermos. Glass thermos kind is OK if you are careful and don’t use metal fork or spoon to mix or get yogurt out. Wrap sealed up thermos in a large towel to add extra insulation for at least 4 to 6 hours at room temperature. Judy leaves her’s for 10 to 11 hours. Judy uses my infrared thermometer I use for the engine and shaft drive, that works really well for temperature checks.

Lots of times we use fruit preserves from jam, cut up mango or fruit puree of some kind with the yogurt. Sometimes if I don’t have much I use cinnamon and brown sugar. I normally mix up the flavored yogurt a cup at a time just before putting on top of our granola. We get about 3 breakfasts or so from each batch for the two of us.

Steve & Judy Dauzenroth
s/v Code Blue
Still Hiva Oa
Mostly sunny, Low 80’s with 75% humid.
More on an island tour to Puamau historical site later



1. Marie & Greg - May 5, 2014

Great to get your message. We are still in AZ leaving for WA in 10 days. Marie & Greg

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