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sv Code Blue – We’re Anchored in a Bay Called Hana Tefau, On Island of Tahuata May 16, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.

Code Blue Followers, 5-16-14 7:39am local time.

Just thought I’d send an update on s/v Code Blue’s location. We’re anchored just off Tahuata Island. Another bay called Hapatoni Bay is close by and yesterday 5-17-14 we took the dinghy over to a small community that has a ramp, church, school and an artisana wood carvers shed. They had a potluck going on and many of the carvings from workers on display for sale. Judy bought a decorative Marquesan paddle about 24 inches long carved by a local called Amedee with accents on the first two e’s, so in Sailmail Ame’de’e, as I don’t know how to do accent letters. Judy has another Maori paddle at home from New Zealand. We’re trying to decide where to mount it, for now it’s resting location is in the bunk next to Judy. Earlier in the morning it was pretty windy. We set our dinghy in the water behind the boat to get ready to leave. While talking on the radio about whether to go to shore or not in the high winds of 10 to 25 knots with s/v Roundabout and Sequoia, Ted mentioned our dinghy had flipped over, which had our new electric motor portion on it. It’s waterproof to IP67 standards, but we don’t like to test it all that much. We tried flipping it back over near the stern but ended up walking to our beam and using a halyard to lift it up and righting it. Two oars spilled out and got rescued too. We decided to wait another hour and see if the wind would continue to drop, which it did.

Walking north from the landing there is an ancient road that parallels the shore. A book we have says “This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and pleasant paths in the Marquesas if not the South Pacific–a palm-lined paradise. This thoroughfare built in ancient times, is as wide as a modern street and lined with sone walls on either side.” Not far from the display area, several ancient paepae (stone platforms) are visible adjacent to a long stone wall.

From Hiva Oa on Friday 5-9 we day sailed to Fatu Hiva, and a bay called Hanavave, Bay of Virgins. From there on the 13th, Tuesday we sailed to here. We hope to leave here this morning and head to Resolution Bay and village of Vaitahu, the largest on the island. Captain Cook landed and named the bay after his ship, Resolution. Still no land email from here.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
09* 57.7′ S, 139* 07.1′ W
82.4* F, 74% Humidity, Bar 1011.2, 25% blue sky



1. John & Daleen Reed - May 16, 2014

Great to get your update and sounds like all is going well. Love to see a picture of Judy’s Marquesan paddle. cool……

We are hosting our FBYC cruise to Rosario Resort. 10 boats and 1 RV are joining us. It should be fun. Nothing like the adventures you two are experiencing but an update on what we are doing. They finished replacing our roof the middle of April so we are free and clear to enjoy the summer.

John & Daleen
s/v Omega

2. Marie & Greg - May 16, 2014

DId the motor run ok once it was saved? 103 here in Phoenix today. Heading north in two days. Marie & Greg

3. Cissy Adams - May 16, 2014

It sounds like a wonderful place. Please share a picture of Judy’s find. I would love to see it. Glad all is well. Cissy Adams

4. pam driscoll - May 16, 2014

yes I’d love to see pictures Judy’s find the area and Judy! I forgot to ask last time what does Judy think of your new look Steve?

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