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s/v Code Blue – Nuku Hiva May 24, 2014

Posted by captnmike in Code Blue 2014.
Bay Of Virgins

Bay Of Virgins

Code Blue Followers, 5-24-14

Thought I’d send a bunch of pictures that I wasn’t able to send before.

Locals from the Bay of Virgins,

SwimHike is the hike about 1 hour up some, at Bay of Virgins.

When it “Rains” it can pour some.

Baggett is the oven that racks go into with dough and out comes baked Baggett’s. The main staple of bread here for about 60 cents to a dollar depending on the island you are on. This one was in Resolution Bay at a little store.

Overview picture of Bay of Virgins

Hana Moe Noa bay with 17 boats and about 40 people for the Cruiser Potluck.

Upon Leaving Hiva Oa, Harry saved the day and dove on our boat propeller about 7 times at 6am in the morning to unwrap our stern anchor line that was wrapped about the shaft up to 30 times he said. Another story in work.

Harry that unwrapped our stern line on the prop is from s/v Malua, a single handler. We ended up giving him a nice bottle of wine here in Nuku Hiva.

In Nuku Hiva, Marquesan dance group Henua Haka put on a super Marquesan dance show on Friday 5-23-14 with about 9 guys and 16 women. The Chief had a Tapa loin cloth, the men in the group has skull at their crotchs of various size ornaments with short grass skirts. Dance demo was about an hour long. Very hard to take pictures due to darkness and too far away, plus fast movement.

Cruisers – about 17 boats were in a nice sandy bay, aqua blue water, for a potluck party of about 40 folks. Just north of Resolution Bay.

Finally land email, but very slow. I tried going to a speed test and over 1/2 hour later was still cranking just to get there. Now can’t be displayed it says.

Steve and Judy
Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva




1. Russ Cudmore - May 25, 2014

Steve & Judy
Great to see the photos
Thanks for sending
Looks like u r enjoying your great sailing adventure
I think the nautical look on Steve is great; a true sea captain enjoying the journey
Best regards
Russ & Ginny

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