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s/v Code Blue – Waterfall hike from Daniel’s Bay June 14, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.
View Mountain from the bay

View Mountain from the bay

From Taiohae Bay we went to Daniel’s Bay (Bay of Hakatea) on 5-31 about 6 miles away, for a waterfall hike. 17 boats ended up in the anchorage that was fairly well protected. On 6-1, Jan and Carl of s/v Sequoia went in our dinghy to shore near the village and we went on the wrong side of the creek. We then walked the dinghy to the village side and set it on a hill. We got directions from some village folks that were packing up fruit and copra in burlap bags.

An hour and a half later we could see the waterfall from across the valley, the best views. We marched on to the base of the waterfall, another ½ hour, to a muddy brown pool due to the rains we’ve had. You can’t see much of the waterfall from the pool area, only a bit of the lower part. Plus the real pool the waterfall goes into you need to travel under a big bolder, then up over another bolder and not much better or even worse for views and the like. We left a bit disappointed at the pool experience part, no one wanted to swim in the brown water that was cool, but great views from the trail. Many times we had to ford the creek up to mid thigh, as we followed the trail. This is a waterfall, Ahuei, in the valley of Hakaui, that was measured by Yves Cousteau in a helicopter at 304 meters ( 998 feet). On the way back we noticed s/v Roundabout had come in and a lot of the dinghies had landed at Daniel’s Bay and taken a longer trail. I hiked on this trail later, most of the way to the connection point and it seemed better even with the longer hike. Found out later it comes out at a telephone booth in the village. As when we came back from our hike there was a bit of surf to encounter on the way back to the boat. The gals up front noted they got hit with a few waves and were wet T-shirt contestants, plus we bailed the dink out.

Hakatea has been given the name “Daniel’s Bay” by American cruisers simply because Kremont Teiketohe de Daniel (aka Daniel) lived and welcomed cruisers there for many years. Daniel is no longer with us but his nephew lives there now. They still have a water spigot that Daniel installed attached to a buoy that is attached to a black, flexible polypropylene water pipe leading from shore. This water service is very handy for filling boat tanks and saves hours of schlepping jerry cans from shore to boat for those boats without a water maker.

Steve & Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. Larry nelson - June 14, 2014

Good on ya for hiking to these falls. But …you should have swum under and behind the falls. We think this was the best hike in the South Pacific (until you get to NZ).

2. Marie & Greg - June 15, 2014

Brown cool water does not sound inviting to swim. Good choice.

3. Capt.JerrySte - June 16, 2014

Beautiful!!! Making me jealous 🙂
Interesting how Steve has aged so much
while Judy gets younger… 🙂

Fair winds and following seas to you both. Stay safe and keep up the updates!


4. pam driscoll - June 16, 2014

Judy does look younger!!! it is beautiful there!

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