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s/v Code Blue – Anaho Bay June 17, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.
View of Anaho Bay

View of Anaho Bay

June 2nd we headed to Anaho Bay. Well sheltered and good diving and snorkeling, the best in the Marquesas, they say due to the coral. We got up at 6am and headed out after breakfast at 8:55am. 26 miles sailing, 9 motor as we were getting late and wanted to come into the bay in daylight. So we got here at 5:13pm.

Major coral chain noise during the night so we re-anchored in deeper water the next day, which made all the difference in other nights.

We went snorkeling from the boat. There are lots of coral heads and different kinds of coral. Different kinds of fish, not a lot of fish due to subsistence fishing . Mostly small fish were present. No soft corals at all. Later into the snorkeling I saw a good sized sea turtle about 5 feet long, 3 ½ feet wide. I thought he was coming up for air, but I watched him from the side about 15 feet away and he just swam about 4 feet under the water for quite a while. I took off back near the boat and ran into a manta ray with a bobbed tail it seemed.

Then another one with a regular tail. Both were about 8 feet across. They were feeding in the area and came very close to us many times, less than a foot. One went just under Judy while she was on the surface. They would circle and come back right at us.

We took a hike to a produce farm of about 2 miles. Beans, watermelon, eggplant, bananas, tomatoes, papaya, cucumber & pamplemousse (a bit like grapefruit) for 2500 CPF a bit more than $25.

Steve and Judy



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