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s/v Code Blue – Anaho to Fakarava, Tuamotus June 17, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.
The Bikers getting ready to rumble on the town

The Bikers getting ready to rumble on the town

From Anaho Bay we sailed for 5 days to Fakarava, Tuamotus, 558 sailing miles, and 10 miles motoring, (2 to get out and 8 to get in at Passe Garue which was against us by an hour and a half to slack, so about 5 foot waves greeted us on the way in). We arrived about 9am on June 12th. We’re in a village called Rotoava, of about 700 population with 20 plus other sailboats. Several grocery stores, a produce stand, even a few restaurants. Nice main pier that is enclosed with plenty of room to tie dinghies up to. Roundabout was here two days head of us and Sequoia followed us in, a few hours later. Yesterday the 13th we rented bikes that were delivered to the pier, except I used my Port Runner fold up from West Marine, and toured the island about 16 Km out of town.

Stopped at a few places along the way, had a picnic lunch on the lagoon side at the end of the paved road which was in excellent condition. Carl and I stopped at a grocery store that we thought was a black pearl farm store at first. I bought a ½ liter beer we shared as we were biking down the road. In about 14 km of road we saw 3 cars. This is the kind of road Judy likes for biking, flat, excellent surface, no traffic. She scared us a bit at first when we first got the bikes as it had been so long since she last road one in Lynnwood a few years ago. Closer to town we found a homemade pizza place that also makes French desserts. We headed to a restaurant on the lagoon side, they weren’t open at first but then she came out of the house and said she would open for us. We had two poisson cru plates we shared with six beers around. Carl wanted a soda but they had already opened the beers. Very island like for scenes around. We then headed to Fakarava Yacht Services nearby and returned the bikes about 4:30pm, they gave us a ride to the pier in their van. Later I did a pizza run by calling Fakarava Yacht Services on the VHF at 6pm, they happened to be out in their dinghy as they live on their boat near ours and came over to our boat for better instructions as his English isn’t the best. They called the pizza place and put in an order for three pizza’s, Gourmande (tomato sauce, ham, chorizo, mushrooms, crème, mozzarella cheese and three black olives is normal but I asked for a bunch on half our pizza as Judy’s not into olives. She said fine but a bit weird as the olives still had the seeds in them. The pizza wouldn’t be ready until 7:30pm. She makes each one, plus cooking time. A little before seven, Judy and I took the dinghy into the pier, Judy stayed at the pier, I rode the bike to the pizza place about 5 Km away, put the pizzas in an insulated bag that was big enough for three boxed pizzas, strapped it to the back of the carrier. The carrier and strap, did great on the road, but right at the dirt part near the pier the bag fell to one side but no damage as we noted later. All six of us ate over on Sequoia.

Judy sent in a laundry bag by dinghy courier (Steve) at nine this morning to the pier. Fakarava Yacht Services will hopefully have them ready tomorrow morning (Sat.) or afternoon is the plan. Movie night on Sequoia is the plan for tonight, Rush.
Sunday Judy and I went diving. There is a small motu near our anchorage we took the dinghy to. Visibility wasn’t as good as I thought, due to the high winds up to 20kts we’ve had for several days. Mostly small fish, some parrot fish and grouper that were very shy.

Today Monday is internet and putting the boat back together from yesterdays dive. Not much wind today, but some rain showers. We (Code Blue, Roundabout & Sequoia) plan to sail to the south pass. I’ll have to come back in a few days to do the North Pass dive as the Top Dive outfit is booked for several days. We’ll do some dives on the South Pass while down there. Jan from Sequoia has a Go Pro camera, so maybe some underwater pictures in the future. As they offered to loan it to me for the dives. Our camera is missing some instructions and a couple of parts that are on the boat but in LOB condition. (Lost On Boat).
Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. Cheryl Jurrus - June 17, 2014

Hi Steve,
Enjoyed reading about your trip and snorkeling. Watch out for those manta rays! Cheryl

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