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s/v Code Blue – Dolphins and Some Fish Pictures July 7, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.
Swimming With the Dolphins

Swimming With the Dolphins

I borrowed a Go-Pro Hero 3+ from s/v Sequoia that did very nice. We also have a Bonica that doesn’t do very well. Button push to picture capture is about 3 seconds or better it seems, also we have a light with it, that you can only use Ni Metal Hydride batteries it says and we put those fully charged ones in, 8 AA’s and nothing happens. We tested it with alkaline and they work fine but too high a voltage. Any way at this point no extra light for either camera.

These pictures are from the Bonica and Jan was snorkeling with her Go-Pro so wanted it back and headed to Tahiti on Sequoia. We were in Rangiroa where the bottlenose dolphins are very friendly. Every dive they would come visit us. On one dive four of them came very close within a few feet. Later on the the same dive, the same four came back to us and stayed. One stopped went vertical above me and dropped right down next to me about 1 foot away asking for a belly rub the whole length of her body. I didn’t know if touching her would scare her or what but I lightly touched her belly as she slid down slowly for the length of her body. I could see and feel some scars on her skin. She didn’t stop or anything and seemed to enjoy it. The picture marked

PetDolphinsm is the photo I took. A bit out of focus because it was so close. Also the Bonica has a button problem, as you push the button and nothing happens, so I keep pushing and finally maybe it takes. I was pushing like mad but only one close up picture. Another problem is the Bonica takes different pixel size from my land camera, so I’m not used to changing sizes for this camera to email size pictures for the blog.

We are in Moorea for the rendezvous of the Pacific Puddle Jump group. Only 30 boats showed up here. But, they showed us a good time. A rally race we took 14th, 15 miles from Tahiti to Moorea with winds 20 to 25 kts, lots of Tahitian dancing demos, Canoe races, two of which tipped over, coconut shucking, dance lessons, coconut land races, tug-o-war and some other things, plus food of course. We’ll stay a few more days then head back to Tahiti for some boat projects. Tomorrow we’ll rent a car to share and drive around the island. Hope to do some more dives before I leave here.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Moorea, Cook’s Bay, near Bali Hai Hotel

UPDATED: July 9, 2014, Picture captions




1. Marie & Greg - July 7, 2014

Swimmng with dolphins in the wild…awesome experience….even better than the cinnamon bear near our campsite last night in the Cascades.

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