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s/v Code Blue – Huahine in French Poly July 18, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.

Code Blue Followers: 7-17-14

Diving in Tahiti was not very good. An invasion of Crown of Thorns starfish killed all the coral in 2008. For some reason the dive sites I went to did not have much growth of new coral. Moorea had the same problem but had much more growth and pretty decent diving. We also took a break at a sting ray site on Moorea.

In Papeete we stopped in at Lou Pescadou, an Italian restaurant that Judy had visited when she was doing the South Pacific in 1983/84. We also stopped in for a visit in 2005 when we bareboat chartered in the Society Islands here. Back then Mario was running the place, now his son, Marino is in charge. Mario died of cancer from cigarette smoking about five years ago. This place is near the main Papeete public market.

We rented a car and drove around Tahiti with some friends. This pretty much took all of a day. Back in 2005 we stayed in Maeva Beach Hotel. They are in the midst of tearing it down now.

The Pink Coconut restaurant finally got their internet going again but we were in the process of leaving so didn’t have time to do pictures and such. Carrefour is a very nice grocery store with lots of items cruisers like. I’ve stopped at this store at other locations. Some stores are better that others for items they carry. Regular pancake syrup, Darjeeling tea, Greek yogurt with live cultures are some items that have been hard to find. Our yogurt situation has been messed up. I didn’t know to save some yogurt for the next batch, we tried to make more with the jam I had added but it didn’t turn out. So far we haven’t found any yogurt with live cultures. They ultra pasteurize most things here, fresh milk does not exist here. We did try a couple of packets of dried yeast cultures but they didn’t turn out the same with our powdered milk recipe for yogurt. More on this later.

We took 102 mile motor sail to Huahine. 36 sailing and 66 was motor on an overnight that was pretty nasty with rain and confused winds if any. Finally this morning the wind came up in the 10 to 14 kts area from the east and added some sail mileage. We made fresh water all morning long for about 95 gallons. Huahine now has restaurant trucks as does Papeete still. In Papeete we spent a night watching Tahitian Dance contests between teams. Well worth the $20 tickets. They are having contests here too, maybe we’ll be able to watch them.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Fare on Huahine Island



1. Marie & Greg - July 18, 2014

Thanks for updates. Sounds like everyone is having a wonderful time. PNW just had 12 days of temps over 80 at Sea-Tac. 3rd longest on record. WA wildfires a real problem the past 10 days. Entiat, Leavenworth, Pateros, Chelan, are the worse. Keep the fun news coming.

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