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s/v Code Blue – Coral Gardens August 2, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.
Code Blue in the Rally Race Tahiti to Moorea

Code Blue in the Rally Race Tahiti to Moorea

Code Blue Folks, 8-2-14

We left Uturoa for Coral Gardens a few hours away. When we anchored, noticed a major grinding noise from the windlass. We took the dink to the middle of two small motus. Nothing but dead coral, fallen, and no fish. Cruiser said this was the best spot. We went over to where Judy had noticed a lot of people (15) getting out of a tour boat on the south side of the little motu. Small groups of coral heads and pretty good fish. We spotted a moray eel that I’ve sent a picture of below. Fish shot and nearby is a resort with cute little tiki huts over the water. I stopped in and they do have WiFi for 500 CPF about $6 and hour. We stayed the night in a very calm anchorage but out in the open water.

Next morning Judy heard about Hibiscus Restaurant. Free WiFi, free mooring and great place to eat. A few hours away and closer to Uturoa for our Lighthouse 1501 windlass repair, we hope. Normally don’t have WiFi but we are at this Hibiscus restaurant about 1/4 mile out. Ate there last night. A bit expensive 8000 CFP for two dinners, water 350, mooring 1500 for 9850 or about $115 US. Judy heard it was good but we didn’t know that much, and thought free mooring and WiFi. No menu sign or anything. Same fish meal for everyone, shishkabob with onion, banana and green peppers, au gratin potatoes, sweet potatoes, vanilla ice cream. WiFi is great and we could even plug in to charge our computers, but even so. Anyway it started pouring heavy tropical rain last night just before the meal. We thought we locked up better on hatches and stuff. A bit of water in the boat when we came back. Rugs and floor we mopped up. Rugs are drying in the cockpit. It did stop about 9:30pm. We’ve been pretty good at locking up hatches and portlights, but not this time. Two big hatches were open 1/4 or better, two galley portlights open full. My side of the berth got some wetness, blanket wet, sheets only two circles about 6″.

Now have a major grinding noise on the Lighthouse 1501 windlass. So we’re headed back to Uturoa for some help from Richard the electrical guy. He says he has pretty good luck with them. Sat and Sun he has clear for our windlass. We called s/v Chara at the town dock, and asked if they could see Richard and ask about when would be good for us to be there. They said, Oh we’ve got his phone number and called him. So we’re set for two days. We didn’t even think about their phone as we haven’t had one for some time.
Tranny problems again. Noticed small oil line on floor and wall at rear or tranny several months ago and pretty much forgot about it. Checked it recently due to a start battery problem and way more oil. Shaft seemed fine alignment and temp wise. That’s when I changed the tranny. I think we got it within .001 or .002″ alignment wise when we adjusted it, the other day, thanks to help from Russ on s/v A-Train. It seemed good before. Harbor Marine, who did the rebuild, thinks maybe a nick in the tranny shaft or something. Also, check the alignment of course, they said. So now we have the new tranny back in with 2.33 to 1 ratio. The old one is 2.64 to 1 ratio. So we adjusted the propeller pitch down to 11.7″. The saying is “Cruising – Travelling third class in exotic places, at great expense, while working on your boat”. I think we’ve got that down pretty good, especially lately.
Code Blue is on Page 96 of Latitude 38, Aug 2014 issue in our Rally Race Tahiti to Moorea. Copy of the picture that Andy Turpin took is below. You can go to http://www.latitude38.com/index.lasso or Google latitude 38 Magazine and look on line for the August issue. You can also see photos and such under http://tahiti-moorea-sailing-rdv.com/
In the 38 article they left out the dash between sailing and rdv.
Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue


1. Marie & Greg - August 2, 2014

Seafair in Seattle this week. Blue angels flying over heard today. But not as exciting as your travels (and boat repairs!). Thanks for the updates. Marie

2. mike schuster - August 2, 2014

” . . . while working on your boat.” I’m afraid that that is my image of sailing, considering your experiences over the past years. Good luckiness with the repairs!

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